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About This Facility

During these unprecedented times, Target Park’s main concern is the safety of its employees and that of its customers. This is a unique time and companies are adjusting to the environment and customers still can take advantage of Target Park’s great daily and weekly parking rates.

Going forward, until the Easter Holiday Target Park will be limiting its curbside valet services and how customers get to the airport. The following will be a guide on how our service will operate for the immediate future.

Once you arrive at the location, back your vehicle along with the small wooden fence to the right of the entrance of the parking facility.

Place your keys, description of your vehicle and your phone number in the Lock Box located on the wall inside the Vestibule Area.

You can walk to the Skybridge across the street from our lot or you can walk across the street through the airport parking lot.

We suggest that you take all luggage and any passengers that can be taken to the airport prior to you leaving your vehicle at the parking lot. This will ensure ease for those passengers that have difficulty walking or any other restrictions.

A Target Park representative will contact you within a half-hour of your arrival to the location with ticket information on your vehicle. The representative will explain that our pick point is the same that it has always been. That pick-up point is at the end of the moving walkways on the Skybridge. Take the elevator to the right of the last walkway that is marked Authorized USE to the ground floor where a Target Park Valet will meet you with your vehicle.

Now more than ever it a great opportunity to take advantage of our detailing service. Target Park is now offering WHO Compliant detailing services. These sanitizing measures will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is COVID 19 free upon your arrival back to T.F. Green Airport.

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