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About This Facility

This parking garage takes up most of the west side of its block; to the east it is next to a pink, green, yellow and red tiled one-story building. The entrance is housed at the base of a three-story stone block and marble building with red awnings. At the top floor is a sign that reads "American Garment Center" in red; below it on the first floor is the entrance, which has a sign attached to a marble section that reads "Parking".

If customer will not be able to get their vehicle out by the close time, the gate will be closed until next operation hours.

Operation hours are:

Mon-Fri: 6:30AM – 6PM | Sat. 6AM -3PM | Sun: CLOSED

No Overnight parking.

Max Vehicle Height: 6'0"

RATED: 3.3 out of 5

How to Park