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112 E. Morehead Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

This parking does not currently offer online bookings.

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"location was very easy to access and leaving was easiest of any game I have ever attended. Arrived at 12pm for a 1pm kickoff and lot was full of tailgaters (no attendant that I saw though), but got lucky and there was an end spot left and parking the suburban was no problem. Maybe 10 minutes on the walk to and from the stadium and heading East on Morehead St after the game takes you right to I-277 interchanges if you stay in the right lane and skip the first 3 or 4 stoplights before taking a left. Another good experience booking through Parkwhiz!"

This is a paved parking lot between South Tryon Street, South College Street, East Morehaed Street, and Morehead Square Drive. There are 3 entrances and exits to this location. Entrance/Exit on S. Tryon and College, Entrance/Exit on S. College and E. Morehead and another Entrance/Exit on Morehead Square by dumpsters.

This location is a commercial parking lot.

This parking lot is between South Tryon Street, South College Street, East Morehead Street, and Morehead Square Drive. The parking lot shares the same lot with Uptown Cabaret.