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Paul Brown Stadium

1 Paul Brown Stadium,
Cincinnati, OH

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About Paul Brown Stadium

Approaching a tiger’s lair in the jungle is always a risky thing, except when you’re in Cincinnati. Paul Brown Stadium, also known as “The Jungle,” is the home stadium for the Cincinnati Bengals, the city’s NFL team. Cincinnati is an awfully busy place, making it hard to find Bengals parking. Opening in August of 2000, Paul Brown Stadium is not only a sports venue, but it is also a work of art. More

It won an American Institute of Architects design award as “one of America’s favorite buildings.” Designed by the architectural company NBBJ, one of the goals was to make corner seats a thing of the past, as well as making use of cantilevers on the roof such that fans would focus more on the game. In addition to the Bengals, the Cincinnati Bearcats will be based at Paul Brown Stadium in 2014. As of late, concerts have begun to be held at Paul Brown Stadium, such as Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw in 2012 during the “Brothers of the Sun” summer tour. When you go to a Bengals game, you want to see these tigers in their natural habitat, not from a TV. If you can’t find a Paul Brown Stadium parking spot on time, however, you might not get into the stadium until after halftime. If you book with ParkWhiz in advance, you will be able to relax with a beer and not worry about parking.

The Bengals seem to attract a lot of drama, which keeps attracting the fans year after year. There was a football team in Cincinnati from 1937-41, but it was unrelated to the current team. However, ex-Cleveland Browns coach Paul Brown wanted to draw connection to the past, so he assigned the name to his new team in 1967. Perhaps annoyed at his former team for kicking him out (despite them both being named Brown), Paul Brown made the team colors very similar to Cleveland, especially the shade of orange. Brown also wasn’t very happy of being in charge of an AFL team, such that the only way he was able to sign on was that the Bengals would become an NFL team after the AFL-NFL merger was completed. The Bengals made the AFC conference championships in 1981 and 1988, but as of yet they have not won the Super Bowl. Certain players have also caused problems for the Bengals, such as wide receiver Chris Henry, who racked up a wide range of off-the-field personal fouls with the law, resulting in his dismissal by the Bengals in March of 2008. Like their namesake, the Bengals are wiley and determined, always pushing to catch their prey, whatever the cost. Just as you wouldn’t want to be caught in a pen of real-life Bengal, you don’t want to be lost trying to find Cincinatti Bengals parking while the team is warming up. If you use ParkWhiz, you can book your Bengals parking spot ahead of time and beat the crowd.

Using ParkWhiz saves you time and stress. On the ParkWhiz website, find the game or event that you want to see, book your Paul Brown parking spot, and print your parking pass. Once you bring your ParkWhiz parking pass with you to the stadium, you can watch the Bengals fight the other team for the ball, rather than you having to hunt for a Bengals parking spot.