1113 6th Ave.

Crowne Plaza - Valet Kiosk


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This is valet parking for the Seattle Crowne Plaza Hotel. The Crowne Plaza Hotel is a 34-story tower of pinkish marble and glass, with a large glass awning over the entrance, held up by gold-colored metallic columns. The Hotel is situated next to the six-story brown and beige brick YWCA building. Look for the Hotel's golden-colored columns, the glass awning and a large red sign read at the corner that reads "Crowne Plaza Hotel" in golden lettering.

How to Park


Present ParkWhiz Pass to valet at curbside kiosk in exchange for valet-ticket


If attendant is not at kiosk, please wait as they are parking another vehicle and will return shortly


When you return, present valet-ticket to attendant (tip not included in reservation)