Wrigley Field
Lady Gaga [Postponed due to COVID-19]
Mar 1, 7:30 PM CST
About This Facility

Separately owned and deed space on a residential surface lot in Boystown/Wrigleyville. Short walk to Wrigley Field and Center on Halsted.

Parking space provides a four (4) alley exits to make your post-event traffic easier to navigate. Parking space is an 8 foot stall immediately located against the fence, which can be narrow for larger vehicles.

Fence immediately next to fence provides protection from common parking lot damages from other vehicles. For a better "one-site experience", it is recommended that either passengers exit the driver side of the vehicle or exit the vehicle before pulling into the space. (Please review photos of the space)

Entrance to the residential parking lot is accessed via an alley. Parking space is marked as D1 and has a ParkWhiz sign. Please reference the "Where to Go" section of your pass for more directions.

Reentry Allowed
RATED: 4.4 out of 5

How to Park