LAZ Parking

LAZ Parking

388 Bridge St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
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This is valet parking at the 388 Bridge St apartment building, a 53-story tower of steel and glass. The garage entrance is housed on the first floor of the apartment building, which is next to the ten-story beige brick and white stucco St Joseph High School on one side, and a four-story cement building with first floor storefronts on the other side. Look for the brand-new 388 Bridge St building towering over its surroundings, along with the sign for St Joseph School right above its first floor. The entrance is an incline into the garage, and there will be proper LAZ Parking signs to help guide you inside.

Vehicle height restriction: 78 inches

This location is a commercial parking garage.

Nearby destinations: Ganso, IHOP, Shake Shack, Fisherman's Dawta, Bijan's.


  • LAZ Parking
  • LAZ Parking
  • LAZ Parking


This is valet parking at the 388 Bridge St apartment building. The parking garage entrance is located on the west side of Bridge St, in between the intersection with Willoughby St to the north and Fulton St to the south; the entrance is across the street from an eight-story stone block building with first-floor storefronts.

Please be advised that Bridge St is a one-way, southbound street.

The 388 Bridge St apartment building is located in Downtown Brooklyn.