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601 F St Nw, Washington, DC 20004
Get a prepaid, guaranteed parking space near Verizon Center and you won't have to worry about parking on game day. There are no extra fees when you park – the price you see is the price you pay.

There’s a lot of hot air in Washington, D.C., but the Washington Capitals’ Horn Man is worth listening to. When he takes a deep, deep breath and blows his horn, the crowd at the Verizon Center replies, bellowing “Let’s Go Caps!” The raucous fans are loud enough to be heard on radio or TV, even the din of the Capitals parking the puck into goal after goal! Verizon Center events always bring the fans, and the stadium can hold them, over 20,000! Whether you’re there to see the Capitals speed across the ice, scoring goal after goal, watch the Wizards dunk baskets, chant for the Mystics, cheer on the Georgetown Hoyas or check out your favorite band perform an awesome solo, you’ll need to find a place to park. Wouldn’t it be great if you could beat all the other fans and have a spot guaranteed each time, and not have to deal with the hustle and bustle of Verizon Center parking? If you ever want to go to the Phone Booth, let ParkWhiz take care of it for you!

Since it opened in 1997, the Verizon Center has hosted basketball, hockey, professional wrestling, singers, songwriters and bands. In this arena, where over 36 million fans have been to more than three thousand events, the games get intense. As the skates play against the surface of the ice, the puck sings as it hits one stick and then another before it hits the net and the fans erupt in a cacophony of noise! The determined Caps keep on fighting, never giving up; if they could win the President’s Trophy as they did in 2010, the Stanley Cup is not far away! It also gets quite loud during March Madness when the Georgetown Hoyas pass the ball from one determined college student to the other, working toward an NCAA seed as the timeless chant of “Hoya Saxa” echoes through the stadium! Of course, we can’t forget about the Washington Wizards, who also call Verizon Center their home. The sound of the Wizards parking the ball into the mesh net is quiet, but the roaring applause of the fans makes it all worthwhile. Verizon Center events often include famous singers, bands and music festivals, not to mention the sound of the mat when someone gets a painful pile-driver during a WWE match! It’s hard to hear these sounds realistically if you’re just watching it all happen on a TV screen at home - you have to be there to experience it! Parking at the Verizon Center can be challenging when an event is about to start, but what if you could pay for parking in advance and have a close spot reserved for you?

Using ParkWhiz, parking near the Verizon Center is as easy as a goal for the Caps in the third period! With a simple, no-gimmick fee costing as much as a piece of pizza at the Phone Booth, you can reserve your spot, print out your ticket and breathe easy as you slide into the perfect place, even if the game is about to start or the opening band is about to play! At ParkWhiz, we pride ourselves on making parking an experience as fun as a basketball game with your family -- and the Wizards!

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