Ace Parking

625 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Cleveland Indians at San Francisco Giants

Fri, Apr 25 4:30pm + 1hr after event

Upon arrival, please hand the Printed ParkWhiz parking pass to the attendant for validation.

*The garage will close (1) hour after the event ends.
Price Advisory Due to high demand this parking may cost more than drive-up rates, but ParkWhiz guarantees you will have a spot when you get there.
Please use "38 Colin P. Kelly St." for GPS Directions.
Monthly parking available – click for more info

Monthly Parking – $255.00 Purchase

Description: This is a 30 day parking pass available in the SOMA area of San Francisco near AT&T Park and Pier 40. Park close to work with this easy in and out lot. Limited space is available. Park yourself and come and go as you please with unlimited in and out access.

Redemption instructions: After purchase you will need to take your confirmation parking pass and check in with the attendant the first time they park to get set up with an access card for after hours access and to be informed of garage procedures. An attendant is on site Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm.

Your monthly parking can start immediately or at a specific date in the future. Choose the start date on the next screen, after clicking the Purchase button above. You can review your purchase details before submitting your credit card information.

351 people recommend parking here 249 left comments

  • The price and close location to the ballpark are good.

  • They were small parking spots and tight maneuvers had to be done in order to park and to get out, but over all I was very content with the parking location and how fast and easy leaving the area and going to the freeway after the game. Staff was very nice as well.

  • Friendly service, very small parking lot and spaces. I drive a Jeep Liberty and had to do a 15-point turn to back into a wall space.Unless you have a very small car, these spots are going to be tight and possibly stressful to get into. The location is great, very close to the ballpark while tucked away on a side street that can quickly get you out of the major traffic ways.

  • Plenty of spaces and only 3 short blocks to the park.

  • Parking here is great! It's super close to the park but out of the way of the crowds. The garage is small and tight but never feels overcrowded. Price is reasonable and it is super convenient.

  • This is our second time parking here, and it's always a breeze. It's super close to the stadium, but since it's so hard to find we can get our vehicle in and out with no trouble or crowds after the game is over. Only downside is they literally close within an hour after the baseball game, so getting dinner is basically not an option. That's why I'm giving a 4.

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This is a covered parking garage just off of The Embacadero and about 2 blocks north of AT&T Park.

Vehicle height restriction: 79 inches

This location is a commercial parking garage.

Nearby destinations: AT&T Park.

Ace Parking Ace Parking

The address of the garage is 625 2nd St., but the garage entrance is on the west side of Colin P. Kelly St. about mid-block. Colin P. Kelly St. runs behind the buildings on 2nd St. Please use "38 Colin P. Kelly St." for GPS Directions.

Monthly Parking Available!

Click "Monthly Parking Available" on the left to see monthly rates and book a spot online!