50 3rd. St.

Park Central Hotel - Valet Kiosk



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This is valet parking at the Park Central Hotel on Market St. The hotel entrance is located at the base of a 30-story cement and marble building, which is bordered on its south side by a gated courtyard and a nine-story beige brick building with red awnings. The hotel's valet parking entrance faces 3rd St; look for a sign on the awning over the valet entrance that reads "Park Central Hotel Market Street" on three sides in black lettering, as well as the red Office depot and yellow California Pizza Kitchen awnings across the street.

How to Park


Present ParkWhiz Pass to valet at curbside kiosk in exchange for valet-ticket


If attendant is not at kiosk, please wait as they are parking another vehicle and will return shortly


When you return, present valet-ticket to attendant (tip not included in reservation)