Lofgren Badgers Parking

Lofgren Badgers Parking

9 S. Randall Ave, Madison, WI 53715

Minnesota Golden Gophers at Wisconsin Badgers Football

  • Sat, Nov 29 11:30am + 3hr after event

    Price Advisory Due to high demand this parking may cost more than drive-up rates, but ParkWhiz guarantees you will have a spot when you get there.

    Amenities Included:

    • Mobile Pass
    • Tailgating
    • Attended at Arrival
    • Unobstructed

    Upon arrival, please show the ParkWhiz parking pass to the attendant for validation.

15 People Recommend Parking Here

11 Left Comments

"Easy in and out. Two blocks from Camp Randall. Great!"
"The only issue we had with parking was in getting on to the street. Students from the house on the corner were blocking the street and would not move when we were attempting to exit. There were remarks made about "they paid tuition and had exclusive use of the street." We have parked here in the past without incident, but based upon this incident I am not sure that we will park here again."
"It was arranged so that we could leave without having to wait for other cars to be moved."
"Great location and great host - thanks for everything"
"Great, made the trip very easy. One comment though - not being familiar with Madison or the Stadium area the spot was a little hard to find, because the house numbers I was looking for were small and did not stand out. I would rewire the description to something like ".. the east side of Randall Ave, in a gravel lot in the backyards of the first 3 house south of Regent Dr.(they are Gray 2 story houses, Numbered 7, 9, and 11). Then have a sign on the street that said 9 Randall Ave. in big letters."
"Real Easy, Real Friendly, Easy Get Away. Close to the Stadium."

The parking lot will be across Randall Ave from an "Open Pantry" store which is on the corner of Regent and Randall, and only a few minutes away from Camp Randall Stadium. Be advised that there are two lots near the intersection of Regent St and Randall Ave. The correct lot is adjacent to a blue house and has a guard rail on one side and posts on the other side. The other lot incorrect lot will have a sign that says "Campus Cars". The parking spaces will be located behind the first of 3 houses on east side of Randall Ave, in a gravel lot. You will see a sign on the street that says 9 Randall Ave. in big letters.
***There is an additional charge for oversize vehicles - like bus, van, liimo.

This location is a residence.

Nearby destinations: Camp Randall Stadium.

  • Lofgren Badgers Parking
  • Lofgren Badgers Parking

This open air parking lot is located on Randall Ave, between Regent St and Bowen St and has two entrances. One entrance can be entered on the north side of Bowen Ct, which is a one way street that runs west. The other entrance can be entered on the north side of Randall Ave. This lot is enclosed behind 3 buildings. It is behind 9, 11 and 17 S Randall.
***IF There is an additional charge for oversize vehicles- like limo, van, bus.