Lofgren Badgers Parking

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9 S. Randall Ave, Madison, WI 53715
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Garage Info:
The parking lot will be across Randall Ave from an "Open Pantry" store which is on the corner of Regent and Randall, and only a few minutes away from Camp Randall Stadium. Be advised that there are two lots near the intersection of Regent St and Randall Ave. The correct lot is adjacent to a blue house and has a guard rail on one side and posts on the other side. The other lot incorrect lot will have a sign that says "Campus Cars". The parking spaces will be located behind the first of 3 houses on east side of Randall Ave, in a gravel lot. You will see a sign on the street that says 9 Randall Ave. in big letters. ***There is an additional charge for oversize vehicles - like bus, van, liimo.