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LAZ Parking

1100 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX 75202

This parking does not currently offer online bookings.

This large parking lot takes up most of its block, and is easily visible from a distance. While proceeding northeast on McKinney Ave, look on your right-hand side for an incline close to the intersection with Magnolia St, close to where an onramp connects to the freeway. On one side of the incline will be a large sign on a pole that reads "LAZ Parking" in red text with a blue background, while directly southeast of the entrance will be a gray-painted parking attendant booth. Please see a parking attendant if you need assistance.

Vehicle height restriction: 132 inches

This location is a commercial parking lot.

Nearby destinations: House of Blues (Dallas), Clarence Muse Cafe Theater.

The entrance to this parking lot is located on the south side of McKinney Ave, in between the intersections with N Griffin St to the southwest and Magnolia St to the northeast; the entrance is across the street from a stretch of Woodall Rogers Fwy.

Please be advised that McKinney Ave is a one-way, northeast-bound street.

This parking lot is situated in Dallas, TX; it's only four blocks southeast of the American Airlines Center and only two blocks east of the House of Blues Dallas!