LAZ Parking

4250 N. Marine Dr., Chicago, IL 60613

Sat, Apr 19, 2014 3am to 6am

When you arrive, please take a ticket to lift the gate. You must have this ticket to exit. Once in the garage you must park in a spot labeled "visitor", failure to do so will result in your car being towed. Upon exit press the assistance button at the gate. You will be asked to read your ParkWhiz booking # located on your parking pass and the # of the entrance ticket. Once these numbers are provided the gate will be lifted and you may leave.
You must park in a spot labeled visitor. If you park in any other spot you will be towed.

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  • The writing on the parking spaces is a bit faded and there isn't signage directing you to the visitor parking spots. I had to get out of the car to make sure I was in the right spot. Other than that easy to find. But I agree that exiting to the street could be difficult.

  • Directions were easy to follow, from finding the parking garage to how to pay. Only issue we had was once we parked there we no signs within the garage on how to exit to the street.


This is a commercial garage located across Montrose Harbor and Beach.

Vehicle height restriction: 74 inches

This location is a commercial parking garage.

Nearby destinations: Times Square Apartments.

LAZ Parking LAZ Parking

Enter this location at 4250 N Marine Drive. This is the garage for the Imperial Tower. The closest intersection is N Marine and W Hutchinson. Look for the driveway with the square Imperial Tower "IN" sign.