Black and White Valet

Black and White Valet

4149 N. Clarendon Dr., Chicago, IL 60613


  • Wed, Nov 26, 2014 4am to 7am

    Amenities Included:

    • Mobile Pass
    • Reentry Allowed
    • Unobstructed

    After purchase, please enter in your license plate number. Upon arrival, please park in an available space. Your parking will be validated, per your license plate number, by a roaming attendant. You may print your pass and place it on your dash, if you choose.

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"Not well marked and no attendant."
"Good smallish parking lot. Great deal. It was a 20 minute walk to Wrigley Field."
"Easy to get to, and clear directions on where is was what to expect. I will be using this service anytime I come to Chicago in the future, since it takes the stress out of all things parking in the city."
"Easy to find coming off Lake Shore Drive at Irving Park, without going through any heavy commercial traffic. A convenient and a pleasant two-block walk to the theater on N. Broadway. Much better than wasting time looking for on-street parking in this heavily residential area close to a busy commercial area. Then an easy back to to Lake Shore Drive on Wilson. Parking on a Sunday night, I couldn't tell whether the competition for spaces in the lot would be tougher on a busier night."
"The parking facility is very convenient to the theatre in the area that we attend. They've recently filled in the deep potholes so that was nice to see. We've never had an issue getting a parking spot on a Saturday night. We usually get in the area early enough to eat in a restaurant before the show."

This open air surface lot is located adjacent to a large red brick apartment building and right in front of a great field for playing outdoors. Safe and secured by a black, iron fence. Parking in Lakeview.

This location is a commercial parking lot.

Nearby destinations: Times Square Apartments, Angel Island Theater.

  • Black and White Valet

The open-air surface lot is located at the southeast corner of Belle Plaine Ave and Clarendon. Look for the entrance denoted by 3 yellow, cement pillars.