Wrigley Rooftops Parking

3701 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago, IL 60613

This parking does not currently offer online bookings.

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  • Will try and park there again.

  • I had an issue getting to the actual parking area. I used 3701 N. Kenmore Ave for my GPS. You can't get to the parking area by using that address. The street is blocked off and you can't make a left turn to get to the space. There may be other directions that can be used but I wasn't aware of them. I did call John and he met us at the end of the alley to get us where we needed to go. John was a great help.

  • Great location, a little hard getting out of the lot after the game

  • The parking lot (six piggy back spaces) is located on the ground floor (street--not on a roof top) which stumped us for a while. It's situated right across the street near the entrance to Wrigley. You need to make sure you get there prior to the time recommended. Otherwise, they block the main entrance to the parking lot and you need to drive around the block to get back onto the alleyway. Overall, it was a perfect spot for us. We had a passenger who can't walk very far distances and this was perfect for him and everyone. I would park there again.

  • great location! easy to get to. across street from north gate. would do again thank you...

  • Extremely close and easy to find per the directions. John was helpful with our special needs companion.

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This is a residential parking area across the street from Wrigley Field!

This location is a residence.

Nearby destinations: Wrigley Field, Metro, Cubby Bear, Chicago Goose Island-Wrigleyville, Red Ivy.

Wrigley Rooftops Parking

This is a residential parking lot in the alley between Kenmore Avenue and Sheffield Avenue directly across the street from Wrigley Field!

Waveland is closed during Cubs games so you will not be able to access tho location from it.

-Coming from the east on Grace, turn left/south into the alley between Sheffield Avenue and Kenmore Avenue.
-Coming from the west on Grace, turn right/south into the alley between Kenmore Avenue and Sheffield Avenue.

Your parking spot will be located at the end of the alley just before the sidewalk across from Wrigley Field on your right hand side. Look for the parking lot with the 2 long yellow stripes across the lots floor and a tow sign for unauthorized vehicles. Call John at (312) 961-8569 upon arrival. We may need to hold on to your keys whilst parked in our lot! If John is either on the other line or away from his phone call Steve at (630)299-9303.

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