1 Block from Wrigley-Private Parking!

1 Block from Wrigley-Private Parking!

3416 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago, IL 60657

Father John Misty

  • Parking Fri, Apr 3 7:00pm + 2hr after event

    1 spot left!

    Amenities Included:

    • Mobile Pass
    • Accessible
    • Unobstructed

    You keep your keys. Private spot!

    Please call or email for detailed directions. Short 2 block walk to the Vic.


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"The directions were perfect and it was a very easy experience."
"Great directions, and parking information. I would park here again!"
"Great spot, especially if you are in the Sheffield rooftops. Also, thank you Megan for the great directions--way better than what the GPS was trying to provide!!"
"Great location, great price & great customer service! Will definitely use again! =)"
"Outstanding! I highly recommend this"
"Great spot, close to the event."

Private Parking 1 Block from Wrigley Field. You will not be blocked in and can keep your keys!
After you reserve the space please either email @ ChicagoCUBSParking@gmail.com or call me for detailed directions. I am a private residence, not a commercial parking garage.

NOTE - Please let me know if your vehicle is large and will occupy more than 1 space.

This location is a residence.

Nearby destinations: Wrigley Field, Vic Theatre, Cubby Bear, Chicago Goose Island-Wrigleyville, The ComedySportz Theatre.

  • 1 Block from Wrigley-Private Parking!
  • 1 Block from Wrigley-Private Parking!
  • 1 Block from Wrigley-Private Parking!

The spot is off of the alley behind my building. Enter in from Roscoe.

Take Sheffield to Roscoe and go West on Roscoe. (At the stop sign under the el tracks).
Go past Paul’s Noodles and Redmonds(both on the corner) and turn Right into the 1st ally.
It is the first building after going under the el tracks on the right hand side.

There is a concrete area where my parking area meets the alley. Also, there is a light pole in the back area where the ally meets my back area.
There is a designated parking spot along the right hand side of the fence. It is outlined with a yellow box.
As you can see from the pictures the spot fits 2 cars, if there is no car in the spot please pull up so your front tires are on the front of the yellow line(not all the way up to the door). If there is a car already in the front spot please just pull in behind it. Please make sure you leave room for a second car.

Directions to Wrigley Field: Walk into the alley turn right. Walk North to Newport turn Right. Then you turn left and can walk down either Clark or Sheffield to Wrigley Field. It is one block away. If you want to get something to eat you can go down Clark and there are tons of bars/restaurants. Have a great time!

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