Wrigleyville Parking

Wrigleyville Parking

3211 N. Wilton Ave., Chicago, IL 60657

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(3 HRS)

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  • Parking Wed, May 6, 2015 from 4am to 7am

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    This parking is residence parking in the alley off of Wilton ave.

    Amenities Included:

    • Mobile Pass
    • Accessible
    • Reentry Allowed
    • Unobstructed

    This is parking behind a red brick apartment building. Please park in a single spot #1-3 or #5-8

    Place ParkWhiz Parking Pass on driver's side dashboard or write reservation number on a piece of paper for e-ticket mobile customers. Failure to do so may result in a towing.

    If you plan on departing after your designated departure time, please login to ParkWhiz.com and extend your reservation.

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"It was great, good location easy to find. Short walk to Wrigley. I will be back!"
"Easy to find... nice spots and an easy walk to Wrigley! Great Deal!"
"Street view on google maps offered a better perspective into the alley where the parking space is located than the thumbnail photo on PW's site. Once inside the alleyway, the spots are quite obvious behind the large PW sign. The spaces are clearly marked and there's plenty of room for maneuvering even larger vehicles. Would definitely use again for day trips into Wrigleyville / Boystown."
"Absolutely delightful. Perfect directions."
"Wasnt tricky to find nor was it a hassle to get in or out! Nice fresh walk to Wrigley. Short yet enjoyable. Highly recommend this spot."
"We had a little issue when we turned down the alley off of Wilton. There was a moving van blocking the alley. One of the guys went up and asked and they were just about done, so that delayed us only about 5 minutes. From there, a quick walk up to Wrigley. We love this spot."

A great location for visiting The Vic Theater. Drivers report the alleyway entrance can be tricky to find but their rates are hard to beat.

This location is a residence.

Nearby destinations: Briar Street Theatre, Vic Theatre, The ComedySportz Theatre, The Annoyance Theatre & Bar, Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival.

  • Wrigleyville Parking
  • Wrigleyville Parking
  • Wrigleyville Parking
  • Wrigleyville Parking
  • Wrigleyville Parking


From Belmont turn north onto Sheffield then take an immediate right on School St. Then take an immediate right onto Wilton.

Before you hit the end of the block on Wilton make a left into the alley next to white brick building also known as Clarke's Restaurant. (see photo)

You will know you are in the right place when you see a ParkWhiz sign. Parking is on the right side next to a red brick building with balconies and a wrought iron fence.

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