Wrigleyville Parking

3211 N. Wilton Ave., Chicago, IL 60657

Thu, Apr 24, 2014 4:30pm to 7:30pm

Sold Out!
$9.99 per spot
This is parking behind a red brick apartment building. See photos. Be sure to bring directions with you to find your parking spot. Please park in a spot #0 single spot next to ramp or #1-3 or #6-8

Place ParkWhiz Parking Pass on driver's side dashboard or write reservation number on a piece of paper for e-ticket mobile customers. An attendant will check at random and you will be towed without receipt on the dash.

Thank you for your business!

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  • Parking was fantastic, made my trip to see the game perfect.

  • It was hard to find but a good price. Also, you had to have paper and pen to write your reservation number down if you did not print it out. Thought I would get a ticket but didn't.

  • Fantastic parking for a Cubs game!

  • Excellent spot and hassle-free parking. Incredibly convenient and affordable, especially for nearby concerts. I'll be back...and soon, at that.

  • It was excellent place to park.That was my first trip to Chicago,and it was so easy to find.I went to a concert at The Vic and it was basically right across the street.The price was great,and I had no worries about my car being there.I would recommend this parking area to anyone that's going to that area.Could not have been a better place for me to park.I strongly recommend this lot.Made my trip so much easier.

  • Good place to park and great walk down to the park!

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This is prime parking for events at Wrigley Field, the Vic, the Metro, and Briar St. Theater. We are 1/2 block east of the Belmont el stop. A short walk to Wrigley Field and Metro, 1/2 block to Vic Theater, 3 blocks from Briar Street Theater and .7 mile to Lake Michigan. You can keep your keys, and you will never be blocked in.

Potbelly's is in the front of the building, and is a great place to grab a sandwich before or after the event. We are also very close to Starbuck's, Jamba Juice, Dunkin Donuts, and next door to the 24 hour restaurant called Clarke's.

This location is a residence.

Nearby destinations: Briar Street Theatre, Vic Theatre, The ComedySportz Theatre.

Wrigleyville Parking Wrigleyville Parking Wrigleyville Parking Wrigleyville Parking

For GPS navigation users, use this address:
3211 North Wilton Ave., Chicago, IL 60657

Enter the alley/driveway and parking is on the right side, next to a red brick building with balconies and a wrought iron fence. Look for Parking spot #0-3 or 5-8 marked in yellow on the parking pad. Spot 0 is a single space next to ramp going to lower garage. If none of these parking spaces are available please call Wrigleyville Parking 773.617.7201


Take Belmont (3200 north) east or west to north Sheffield (1000 west) one block to east (right turn) School St. Go one block to south Wilton (right only turn).
Go almost to the end of the block on Wilton just before you hit Belmont and make a left into the alley next to white brick building (see photo) also known as Clarke's Restaurant.
Our building is a red brick building on your right side, and has a wrought iron fence around it.

House of Blues ParkWhiz Perk

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