Monroe/Wells Garage

Monroe/Wells Garage

181 W. Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60603


  • Wed, Jul 30, 2014 8:30pm to 11:30pm

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    Amenities Included:

    • Mobile Pass
    • Covered
    • Restrooms
    • Accessible
    • Attended
    • Unobstructed

    When you arrive, scan your confirmation receipt (printed or on your mobile device) on the red scanners built into the entry machines. The entry machine will automatically print 3 tickets. Take these tickets with you, unless otherwise instructed by an attendant. If there is no attendant, simply park your car in any spot that does not say reserved. Please do not block anyone in. During peak hours, you may be required to valet your car with an attendant.

    The tickets are pre-programmed with your purchased hours. Proceed to your vehicle and insert your ticket into the exit machine on Monroe. If your vehicle was valet parked, stop in the lobby and present your entry ticket to the attendant, and your vehicle will be brought down. No need to re-show your reservation to the attendant.

    Attendant hours are as follows. If you are leaving outside of these hours, be sure to speak with an attendant upon entry. This is important to ensure you are able to retrieve your vehicle after hours.

    Monday-Friday: 6:00 AM - 9:00PM
    Saturday - Sunday: N/A

Monthly Parking

Monthly parking available – View More Info [ + ]

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Description: Monthly parking for the garage at 181 W. Monroe located at the corner of Wells and Monroe. Unlimited in-out-and privileges. This garage is self-park, but at peak hours you may be required to valet your car.

Redemption instructions: * Contact information will be provided after you purchase a spot.

Your monthly parking can start immediately or at a specific date in the future. Choose the start date on the next screen, after clicking the Purchase button above. You can review your purchase details before submitting your credit card information.

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"Easy to find. No problems with getting the parking tickets."
"The valet situation was a little unclear in the morning (there was an empty car in front of me on the ramp going up to the second level; eventually a valet came and instructed me to leave my car there and he would park it, much to the dismay of the person behind me). Otherwise, the experience was easy and positive overall."
"tl;dr - Don't arrive until *after* the start time for your pass. Attendants were minimally helpful, and occasionally rude. Dark, dirty staircase with wobbly stairs. Convenient location, at least. This was my first time using ParkWhiz, so perhaps I made some rookie mistake, but I arrived a couple of minutes early, and my pass wouldn't scan. The machine considered it invalid. The attendant-- who at first passed by shouting they were full while barely glancing my way-- finally came to help after another driver got out and went after him. He scanned the pass a couple times, saw the error message, then got frustrated himself and just pushed the button to give me three tickets and told me to park in the basement, pretty rudely, I might add. He gave me absolutely no instructions, they seem to expect everyone to know the garage even if it's their first time. No sympathy if you have a problem or don't know where in the garage they're talking about. When I returned later, I went to exit and of course the machine was asking for $36, because the tickets weren't connected with my ParkWhiz pass. Finally another attendant came over and after I told him the situation, pushed the "assistance" button on the machine, and gestured for me to talk to them. Again, little instruction on what I'm supposed to be doing. Apparently you get connected with an outside line, give them your pass #, and they let you out. The stairs that led from the basement parking to the ground floor were dark, dirty, and a little wobbly. The major thing going for this garage is that it's a very convenient location, and $15 is a great deal. I might use it again for that reason, but the customer service definitely leaves a lot to be desired."
"Great location and worked out well for the theater."
"Its was good."
"Found the parking to be a quick drop off. The staff was very helpful."

This parking garage has 2 entrances that allows for easy in and out access. This is a covered parking garage in the heart of the Financial District with attendants on-site for emergency assistance. This garage works for SUVs, but smaller cars will find it easier to navigate.

Vehicle height restriction: 72 inches

Managed by ABM Parking Services (Chi). This location is a commercial parking garage.

Nearby destinations: Lyric Opera of Chicago, Bank of America Theatre, Cadillac Palace Theatre, Chase Auditorium, McDermott Will & Emery.

  • Monroe/Wells Garage
  • Monroe/Wells Garage
  • Monroe/Wells Garage
  • Monroe/Wells Garage
  • Monroe/Wells Garage
  • Monroe/Wells Garage

This parking garage located at the southeast corner of Monroe and Wells. Look for a Public Parking sign by the entrance. You will be able to identify the garage by looking for a large "Public Parking" sign. You can enter the garage from Monroe and there is an alternate entrance on Wells St.

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