Chicago Apartment Place, Inc.

1742 W. Addison St., Chicago, IL 60613
Arizona Diamondbacks at Chicago Cubs

Thu, Apr 24 1pm to 5pm

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1 spot left!
Only park in spot #3..

Upon arrival please place the ParkWhiz parking pass face up on your dashboard.
If none of these spots are available, please call Chicago Apartment Place at 773-472-6859.

60 people recommend parking here 46 left comments

  • Spots were very small and didn't realize it was in an alley behind an apartment building. Location was safe, however, and good thing there was only one car parked there otherwise my car wouldn't have fit. Overall, satisfied.

  • Seeing neighbors in the area was reassuring that my car was safe. There were a few elderly people across from the parking area.

  • this was in cleaning convenient parking space. Although, as it is a residential parking spot, the space was relatively tight, because one of the other residents parked their car into the space allotted for my vehicle.

  • Spot was clean. Since we stayed for the whole game and I was walking back with my young son, we barely got back to our vehicle by the end time -- 10:30pm. I recommend this be extended to at least 11 pm for evening Cubs games.

  • No complaints and the price s right

  • A great price and easy to find. Not too far from the park.

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This is an outdoor parking lot located behind a private apartment building. Look for a sign that says 1742 W. Addison.

This location is a residence.

Chicago Apartment Place, Inc.

(Coming from West) Start out going east on Addison. Turn left (North) onto Ravenswood. Turn right onto the first alley. Look for the sign that says 1742 W. Addison.

(Coming from East) Start out going west on Addison. Turn right (North) onto Ravenswood. Turn right onto the first alley. Look for the sign that says 1742 W. Addison.

0.91 miles from Wrigley Field

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