One Place Garage

One Place Garage

1 E. 8th St., Chicago, IL 60605

This parking does not currently offer online bookings.

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"When clicking on 'Get Directions' within the app, it opened maps with directions to 1 E 8th St. in Hinsdale, IL instead of Chicago, IL. Otherwise parking itself was great. Plenty of spaces. And when I missed pulling out right at my parking end time, about 10 minutes late, it was only a $2 fee."
"We were re-routed to a different parking garage than the one we had requested, as the one we paid for had no spots available. We called Kate at the company, and she sent us a code to our phone to scan at a different garage nearby. Scanning worked great going in, but we were unable to get service in the garage when we were leaving to scan to open the gate. We had to get out of the car and walk down the ramp to the outside to get service and then come back up to the car. The attendant in the garage said this happened often."
"The parking was close to hotel and easy in and out. Prefect!"
"Everything was fine.. but the ramp in & out is very steep, which causes my wife some anxiety (so she was relieved that I was driving)... also, I was't a big fan of how I had to "scan out"... I had to get out my phone, find the email, etc etc.. while people were waiting behind us, so we delayed them... I mean.having your phone in your hand while you drive out after an event isn't the first thing on one's mind.. But other than that, it was fine. We did end up seeing some parking that was closer to our event (and for same price).. but that was our own fault for not researching. Lastly, the app tried to up the price on us to 10 bucks.. but then the price came back down to 6 bucks... I just felt that was somewhat underhanded (the price fluctuations).. we booked when it came back down to $6 fortunatye.. but had we paid 10.. and then saw the price go down.. AND then saw the closer/cheaper lot, my review here would probably be "bad" instead of good.. but.. as it was, things turned out just fine."
"It was all good. Checked all the boxes: Enclosed, self park, good space width, good price, not crowded and a fun ramp at entrance/exit ;-)"
"Everything went as described."

An unbeatable price for South Loop parking. This location is perfect for attending events in Grant Park and is only a short walk to Shedd Aquarium.

Vehicle height restriction: 84 inches

Managed by LAZ Parking (Chicago). This location is a commercial parking garage.

Nearby destinations: Auditorium Theatre, Buddy Guy's Legends, Hilton Hotel, Hilton Chicago, Harold Washington Library.

  • One Place Garage
  • One Place Garage
  • One Place Garage

This garage is at 8th & State, with the entrance on the south side of 8th next to One Place Condos.
Look for a black Self Park sign with a P above the entrance before the L tracks.

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