Morehead Office Parking

Preferred Parking Lot: 500-E

500 E. Morehead St., Charlotte, NC 28202

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

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"good parking for a good price. Easy in and out for the most part. Some roads were blocked off so it did get confusing but that's expected. The traffic however was better than expected and its far enough that you don't get stuck from those walking after the game."
"The parking at 500-E was fantastic! Right next to the YMCA, easy to find, even though I was from out of town. The attendants were very friendly. Game-goers were tail-gating. It was a nice experience. Plus after the game, getting out was easy!"
"***Good 1) Friendly attendents came to my parked car. 2) Plenty of parking spots to choose from 3) Priced right for walk to stadium 4) Clean porta-john *Bad 1) one porta-john resulted in long line near game time. 2) Porta-john delay resulted in long stadium line, need to leave lot an hr before game time."
"Reasonable, easy in and out, close enough to B of A Stadium. Friendly staff!"
"It was hard for me to locate as I don't know anything about the city."
"Not the closest parking to BoA, but not a terrible walk either. The advantage of being a little further was no traffic issues getting out. Great value for gameday parking."

This is a large paved surface parking location surrounding the 500 E. Morehead Office Building. It is operated as office parking during business hours. It is approximately 5-6 blocks from the Stadium. This location is $10 on game day!

Managed by Preferred Parking Service. This location is a commercial parking lot.

  • Morehead Office Parking
  • Morehead Office Parking

This parking lot is located on East Morehead between S. Caldwell St and Euclid St on the south side of the street. Enter the parking lot from E. Morehead.