Preferred Parking Service

Preferred Parking Service

1550 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28203

Custom Start Date/Time:


(3 HRS)

Custom End Date/Time:

  • Parking Fri, Jul 31, 2015 from 1pm to 4pm

    ParkWhiz worry-free cancellation (cancel anytime up to your start time)

    Amenities Included:

    • Mobile Pass
    • Reentry Allowed
    • Unobstructed

    ParkWhiz customer should either print their parking permit and place it on their dashboard while parked in the lot and/or list their license plate. Customers not doing the above are potentially susceptible to being towed at owner's expense.

38 People Recommend Parking Here

21 Left Comments

"The price was excellent, as well as, the location. It was easy to get to and great getting out of (away from the stadium mess). We have used this spot several times now."
"Great Parking Lot........ Easy getting out after the game, this spot is away from all of the traffic after the game.... I will park here again...."
"If going to Bank of America stadium, this is a good parking location. But, if you are doing anything downtown, I would not recommend this location. There is no parking attendant, it is not gated, and it is not paved. It is about 10 blocks (20 min walk) to downtown locations."
"Great parking! Cheap and a 10 minute walk to the stadium. Far enough away that when we left we got in Zero traffic."
"It was good. no problem. Easy to park and easy to get out to highway. It is like 10 minutes walk to BOA Stadium. It is my second time parking here. Satisfied! We went to the Panthers VS Cardinals play off game. It was a good walk to and from the stadium because I can see fans tailgating and celebrating. The great thing about parking here is that I don't need to deal with any traffic after the game."
"No problem at all! Save your money for beer. We even arrived before the time indicated we were allowed to park and displayed the ticket in the window. It was a short walk to the stadium and coming out there was no traffic to the highway. It's actually a pretty great spot. Wise up and park here before Park Whiz realizes how horribly underpriced this lot is at only $5."

This is a grass surface parking location with access to S Tryon Street. This location is across the street from Amos' Southend. There is not an attendant on site. Please display your permit with the permit number in view on your dashboard while parking in the facility. If your permit is on your smartphone, please write your permit number on a piece of paper, and display that with the permit number in view on your dashboard.

This location is a commercial parking lot.

Nearby destinations: Amos' Southend.

  • Preferred Parking Service
  • Preferred Parking Service

This shaded grass parking lot is located on the Northwest corner of S. Tryon Street and Park Ave. There is an entrance on Park Avenue. Enter the Park Avenue entrance by going north or south on Tryon Street and turning West on Park Avenue. Make your first right into the parking lot. There is also an entrance on Kee Court. Go West on Summit Avenue until you get to Kee Court. Once you are at Kee court turn South on Kee court, and make the second left into the parking lot. Please see the photos of the entrances, and an overview of the parking lot.