Landmark Parking

Landmark Parking

36 S. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201


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"Great location in Inner Harbor. Nice and wide parking spaces. Entrance is under the building so it is a little hard to find. The attendant leaves at 6 PM on Saturday and shuts the exit door so if you want to leave after that you have to go to the lobby and ask the security person to come down and open the door for you (if he is nice). Although there is a security person in the lobby 24X7 plan lo leave no later than 11 PM or midnight (otherwise you may not be able to take your car out)."
"Good price. Hard to find the parking lot. Same price available to all!!"
"Great location, seemed quite safe and secure. Spaces sized big enough for a car to actually fit. Would definitely park in this garage again!!"
"Convenient location for Baltimore Convention Center events & Inner Harbor cruises. Easy to find."
"The parking was a great location! However, when I purchased the parking pass online, it told me I had up to 1 hour after the show to get my car. When I arrived the parking facility, they told me I had a half hour. I was very disappointed and nervous because it almost a mile to walk and I had to get out of a sold out stadium with 66,000 people. So I was really disappointed in that aspect. I left during the middle of the last song for fear I would not make it back to my car."
"Easiest & most efficient parking ever"

This is a secure, covered parking garage below a high rise with dark glass window panels covering its exterior. This location is only 3 blocks from the Baltimore Convention Center and Harborplace.

Vehicle height restriction: 72 inches

This location is a commercial parking garage.

Nearby destinations: Baltimore Arena, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore City Hall, World Trade Center, Hyatt Regency Baltimore.

  • Landmark Parking

This garage is located on the northwest corner of E Lombard St and S Charles St. The entrance is right on the corner, starting at Lombard and running alongside Charles St as it descends to the lower level. Look for the ramp right in front of the giant "36" on the building's face.