Wendy's Parking

Wendy's Parking

1311 N. Collins St., Arlington, TX 76011

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This is parking at the Collins St Wendy's location. Look for a one-floor brown brick building with a pinkish roof, with Wendy's signage facing oncoming traffic, as well as a large red-and-yellow Wendy's sign on a pole.

This location is a business.


  • Wendy's Parking
  • Wendy's Parking
  • Wendy's Parking


The entrance to this open-air Wendy's parking lot is located on the eastern side of N Collins St, in between E Road to Six Flags St to the north and Andrews St to the South; the entrance is across the street from an entry lane into the Lincoln Square mini-mall.

This parking lot is located a few blocks north of AT&T Stadium.