Half Mile Randol Mill Parking

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101 W. Randol Mill Rd., Arlington, TX 76011
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Garage Info:
We are about a half mile west from Cowboys Stadium on Randol Mill, about 1-2 blocks west of Cowboy Blue Lot 15. We are much closer to the stadium than the mileage calculator says, just 5 blocks straight down Randol Mill Rd. It is an easy walk on paved sidewalk from our lot to the Stadium passing Blue Lot 15 on the way. The walk is an easy safe walk on paved lit sidewalk with pedestrian crossing signs, so easy small children have walked it. Don't pay over 50 dollars for Blue lot 15 when we are so close to it! Parking lot 44 is adjacent to a lighted, paved, and attended single-story brown professional building conveniently located at the northwest intersection of Center and Randol Mill off of I-30, near the medical district. The traffic is lightest here since only one cowboy lot is here. We have 42 parking spaces but sell out quickly because of our buyer's high satisfaction. It is easy in and out of event if you exit or enter Interstate 30 by Fielder or Cooper or Center. Don't go down Collins or east of the Stadium, you will get tied up in traffic there. It should not take more than 5 minutes to get to I 30 even after the event. We are closer than many Cowboys cash lots that are about a mile away. You can come 3 hrs prior to the event. If you arrive before the attendants get there just put the permit on your dash. If you use e-tickets, just write your last name and e-ticket permit number on a sheet of paper and put it on your dash. Thank you!