Nissan Stadium

Nissan Stadium

One Titans Way,
Nashville, TN

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About Nissan Stadium

Nashville is known for its musical heritage, but in the last decade and a half, it has started to build a history with the NFL, thanks to the Tennessee Titans, the subject of Nissan Stadium parking. The Stadium opened in August of 1999, and has since served as a colosseum for the Titans to battle for the honor of their home state. The former LP Field and the Titans became intertwined in history on Jan. More

8, 2000, with the “Music City Miracle.” With this play, they scored a touchdown on a kickoff return as the time on the clock was down to the wire, the Titans parking themselves into a triumph. Nissan Stadium has the capacity to seat about 69,000 Titans fans comfortably, while country music wafts through the fall air and the burgers cook at some of the 60 concession stands. LP field boasts a playing surface of natural bermuda sod (not astroturf!), 175 corporate suites, titanic high-def scoreboards by Daktronics, and two club lounges with closed-circuit TV screens. As with most stadiums, the biggest challenge that can’t be overcome is Titans parking. If the well-informed Titans fan who bleeds blue plans ahead and books his Titans parking spot ahead of time with ParkWhiz, he can slide right into their spot while everyone else tries to find parking across the Cumberland.

The Tennessee Titans have an interesting history. Before 1996, the idea of the Titans parking in Nashville was unthinkable, as from 1960-1996, they were known as the Houston Oilers. The move to Tennessee came about when owner Bud Adams could not come to an agreement with Houston to build a new stadium. As a result, Adams was receptive to an offer to move to Nashville, and pounced on it. After a transitory period of two seasons in 1997 and 1998 as the Tennessee Oilers, the team changed its name to the Tennessee Titans. In franchise history, the Titans won the AFL championship in 1960 and 1961 and the AFC Championship in 1999. When the Titans are playing hard, you don’t want show up late only to find that there are no Titans parking places left, nor do you want to be caught in that situation when the CMA Music Festival comes to town. If you plan ahead, you can book a parking spot in advance with ParkWhiz, so you won’t be late to a heroic battle of the Titans.

ParkWhiz makes event parking as easy as a summer evening in Nashville. All you need to do is find your Titans game or other event on ParkWhiz, pay a fee as much as a local brew, book your Nissan Stadium parking spot and print out your parking pass. When you bring your ParkWhiz parking pass with you to the game, you can enjoy the titanic victories of Tennessee without worrying about the wrath of the parking gods.