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Minneapolis, MN

The poor old Metrodome’s days have been numbered for a while now. Once a revered arena and hot spot for Vikings parking with new-age astroturf and an self-supported roof, the Metrodome’s stock collapsed after its roof caved in following a 2010 snowstorm. While the scene was comedic to some, it damaged the Metrodome’s reputation to a point of no return.

Both Major League baseball’s Twins and the University of Minnesota’s football team said “see ya” to the dome in downtown Minneapolis to move into stadiums of their own. The Metrodome now sits on death row with a demolish scheduled for 2014. Football and Metrodome parking will soon be no more.

It still holds relevance today, however; at least for one more year. The Vikings will play out their 2013 season in the Metrodome, making it the stadium’s final day in the sun. Minnesotans in search of nostalgia won’t miss a final chance to kiss that inflatable roof goodbye. And football fans who value a cozy, climate-controlled game day have one last season of comfort before the Vikings begin playing at the outdoor TCF Stadium in the NFL’s coldest city.

Of course some of us don’t give a hoot about the Metrodome’s demise and can’t wait to see the Vikes in a modern venue. That doesn’t mean there’s no reason to check out Minnesota this season; at least as long as reigning MVP Adrian Peterson’s in the backfield. If Peterson can win the rushing title coming off a torn ACL, what can he do after an-injury free 2012 campaign?

So as Vikings fans prepare for a teary-eyed goodbye with the Metrodome, we at ParkWhiz brace to part ways with Metrodome parking, which we’ve grown fond of of late. Over a dozen parking lots can be booked in advance on ParkWhiz, including lots right across the street from the dome. Vikings parking will never be same.

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Lot 163: Northstar Ramp
120 7th St. S.
0.58 mi away
3 .50 Book Now
Special online rate!
Interstate Parking Company
615 10th St. S.
0.42 mi away
3 .00 Book Now
Minneapolis Parking
34 N. 7th St.
0.88 mi away
13 .00 Book Now