MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium

50 State Route 120,
E. Rutherford, NJ

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About MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium is enormous, the largest one in the NFL, home to the 2014 Super Bowl. It’s big enough to host two teams, the New York Giants and the New York Jets, as well as seat a total of 82,566 impassioned fans. The size and grandeur of this testament to American sport was enough that its original planned location in Manhattan was too pricey, so instead the construction went down in East Rutherford, New Jersey. More

With its grand opening on April 10, 2010, this arena is state of the art, including 20 huge pylons at the eastern and northern gates to show visitors video of past games of the New York team that’s playing that day, as well as four massive LED high-definition video displays inside the stadium. Despite the advanced display technology, Metlife Stadium parking is still a problem, and 2014 Super Bowl parking is going to be a nightmare. The power of this American Colosseum is demonstrated from the parking lots at Metlife Stadium or up close. The use of interior lighting and the lever-like slitted outer skin of the stadium, the outside will light up in the color of the New York team playing. If the Giants are playing, the outside glows a luminous sapphire-blue, while if the Jets are playing, it becomes as green as a shining emerald in the sunlight. This awesome show of modern lighting is excellent, but it will be a tease if you can’t find a parking spot when the game is about to begin. Instead of seeing red when you look at the stadium, be sure to make reservations for parking ahead of time with ParkWhiz!

This isn’t the first time that the Giants and Jets shared a stadium in New Jersey together. Before, they both were located in the former Giants Stadium, which was located right next to Metlife Stadium before it was demolished. Unlike the previous stadium where the Giants were the greater of the two tenants, both teams own MetLife Stadium, 50/50. The idea for the illuminated outer shell came from the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany that also happened to share two football teams, albeit association football, which in the US is referred to as soccer. In 2010, it was announced that Super Bowl XLVIII, set to take place on Feb. 2, 2014, will happen in none other than the Metlife Stadium. As it is such a high-profile event, parking in Metlife Stadium will get harder to come by as the date approaches. Since the developers could never agree on a proposal for a roof for Metlife Stadium, the Super Bowl will take place in what could be extremely cold weather. The NFL has never had a cold-weather Super Bowl before, such that the possibly frigid temperatures caused rumors that the Half-Time Show would be cancelled, though the league has stated that the show must go on. No matter if it is freezing outside or not, trying to find Super Bowl Parking spot (or even parking for a regular game) is enough to send chills down any fan’s spine. Like the offensive lineman barreling through his opponents, ParkWhiz can solve this problem and help you score a worry-free game.

By making use of Parkwhiz, you can reserve a spot close to the glowing stadium for around the cost of a few ice-cold beers or an authentic t-shirt. After you reserve it, all you have to do is print out your parking pass and bring it with you to the Metlife Stadium parking lot. While the visiting team’s fans have to hunt for parking, you will already have it taken care of, thanks to ParkWhiz.