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2200 North Cannon Drive, Chicago, IL 60614
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Chicago is a city of immense buildings, modern technology and fast-paced, hectic commutes. So what better way is there to relax then take a stroll at the Lincoln Park Zoo? Located east of DePaul University’s Lincoln Park campus, on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Lincoln Park Zoo provides a break from stress for anyone in Chicago. A variety of different species call the zoo home, from the expected lions, tigers and bears to the unexpected, such as the Red Wolf, Bactrian Camel, King Penguin and the naked mole rat. Due to the popularity of the zoo, finding Lincoln Park Zoo parking spaces can be a challenge, but by making use of ParkWhiz, you can book Chicago zoo parking in advance.

There are several interesting exhibits to visit, including the Regenstein African Journey, which features animals such as the Baringo giraffe, the critically endangered Eastern Black Rhinoceros, the Hadada Ibis and the Pygmy hippopotamus. The Helen Brach Primate House includes black howler monkeys, marmosets, colobus monkeys and more.

Being 35 acres in size, it is more than easy to get lost, especially when you have to meet someone at an exhibit and all the Lincoln Park Zoo parking spaces seem to be taken. Circling around a zoo could might as well make you feel as if you are inside the zoo, so it is best to plan ahead and book Chicago zoo parking with ParkWhiz beforehand.

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