Parking for BCS Championship

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There are no upcoming BCS Championship events at this time.

This will be the last BCS National Championship ever played, so it will be for all the marbles, the winner going down in history as the final BCS National Champion! If you are lucky enough to be going to see the Championship in person, rest assured the trip to will be golden; win or lose, you’ll be in sunny California! While we are jealous (we’ll be stuck in Chicago), we still want you to have the the most successful BCS Championship experience possible. To make sure things work out perfectly, you should know there are plenty of awesome BCS National Championship parking deals that can work for almost any budget!

Like most college football fans, you might feel as if this was the end of an era, but don't despair! While we hope for the best for the College Football Playoffs, this game is gonna be crazy, so let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves!  Chances are you've already spent a great deal of money between tickets and travel fare, so getting a great deal on BCS National Championship parking would be clutch! If you book with ParkWhiz for the BCS Championship, we can hook you up with a great place to park for a really killer deal! We work with some of the best garages in the Pasadena area, and after some wheelin’ and dealin’, we found some great places to park that won’t leave you steamed. We have 20 locations available for the day of the big game, with prices as low as $16! Sixteen dollars for a BCS Championship parking space - the earth-shattering last BCS Championship ever!

If you choose to park in one of our nearby lots it’s gonna be easy to get to the Stadium, with only a short walk, or shuttle, to college football history!