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Marathons are loud, crowded affairs that often involve thousands of people, their supporters, event staff, the press and onlookers. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is no different, and considering that it is larger than most races, it is best to book Chicago Marathon parking ahead of time, or otherwise be tasked with finding a parking space on one of the city’s busiest days.

The first “Chicago Marathon” occurred on September 23, 1905, with the starting point in nearby Evanston. This first Chicago Marathon continued on for a few more years before dwindling by the 1920s. Despite the end of this first Chicago Marathon, other races such as the Boston Marathon persisted. The sport burst forth back into popular American consciousness during the 1972 Olympic Games, when American Frank Shorter earned the Gold Medal for running the Marathon. It was his triumph that was the impetus for what has been called the Running Boom, an increased public awareness and willingness to participate in athletic events. It was in the midst of this running boom that the Chicago Marathon was reborn into its modern incarnation. The first revived Chicago Marathon took place on September 25, 1977, with clear support from the outset, as more than 4,200 runners took part in 1977. This number has rocketed higher and higher since, reaching 45,000, with an incrementally growing entrance cap frequently filled.

The Chicago Marathon has had a beneficial economic impact on the City of Chicago. This is evident by the fact that the Marathon was sponsored only two years after it began. After a purse of prize money began to be offered, international and commercial attention to the Marathon increased. Sponsorship changed hands several times until Bank of America acquired LaSalle in 2008, acquiring and sustaining the naming rights. The Marathon has created hundreds of jobs, substantial growth for hotels, tourism and more, while the event continues to raise larger amounts of funds for charity, as attendance increases year by year. Due to this, it's best to book a Chicago Marathon parking space ahead of time with ParkWhiz.

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