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Winnipeg to Phoenix would be an adjustment for anyone, and that’s what the Coyotes had to deal with in 1996. The Coyotes are a recent transplant to the U.S. Their lair is the Arena, and with a lot of local fans, it’s hard to find Phoenix Coyotes parking unless it is booked in advance. Formerly known as the Glendale Arena, the Arena is located in Glendale, Arizona, close to Phoenix and adjacent to the University of Phoenix Stadium. It’s one of the the smaller stadiums used for NHL Hockey. After opening in December 2004, the Arena was designed to be one of the central locations in the Westgate City Center, a mixed-use entertainment and hopping complex.

The Phoenix Coyotes were originally the Winnipeg Jets, which started to compete in 1972. Despite being the big fish in the small pond of the WHA, when it moved to the NHL in 1979, the team underwent hardship, and was moved to Phoenix beginning in 1996 under the name of the Phoenix Coyotes. At the outset, they didn’t do very well in Arizona either, often making the playoffs but not getting father. After the ‘02 season, the team did not make the playoffs, even after the ‘05 lockout, only getting back to the Conference Finals in ‘10, just as the team began to enter bankruptcy. So far, the highest accolade the team has won was the Pacific Division title during the ‘12 season.

By December 2008, the team’s debts and expenses were being handled by the league itself, and bidders began to swarm in an effort to buy the team. Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox was one of the contenders, but dropped out. Eventually, the team was conveyed to Renaissance Sports and Entertainment under a deal with the City of Glendale; this deal also stipulated that the team would be renamed the Arizona Coyotes after the ‘14 season ends. Finding Phoenix Coyotes parking can be difficult, so it is best to book Coyotes hockey parking spots in advance with ParkWhiz.

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