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New York City is a metropolis of tall buildings, a skyline of shining splendor that reaches for the stars. One of the greatest of these buildings is the Empire State Building, a magnificent, legendary art-deco structure that has stood for over 80 years. This edifice is still a popular place to visit, making it all the more important to book Empire State Building parking ahead of time, rather than trying to find a spot on your own.

The Empire State Building was constructed just prior to the Great Depression. It was funded by John Raskob of General Motors, who wanted to beat the Chrysler company with their eponymous tower. By the time it opened in May 1931, the economic climate had resulted in significant problems filling 85 stories of office space. While this problem took until 1950 to be resolved, the addition of an observation deck proved to be a major windfall for the tower, which to this day generates more profit from the observation decks than anything else. The Empire State Building contains two observation decks, so visitors are charged based on which one they want to see; they can pay the normal fee for access to the 86th floor deck or pay a premium for the smaller 102nd floor deck. You might have to pay a premium on the observation deck, but if you book Empire State Building parking in advance, you can save time and money.

The Empire State Building has several features unique to itself. When the building was constructed, lighter-than-air ships were still in vogue, so equipment was put in place at the top to allow a dirigible to have passengers enter and leave via the top of the tower. This strategy was not successful, as the building caused updrafts that would interfere with the process, along with the fact that airships did not last as a viable mode of mainstream transportation. Ironically, this was as close to a built-in Empire State Building parking spot as one could get, though of course this was only for dirigibles. In addition to visiting the observation decks, visitors are able to pay a fee for a go on the New York Sky Ride, a motion simulator housed on the building’s second floor. The Empire State Building has endured as one of the most popular attractions in New York City, which is great for the city but not as great if you’re trying to find parking near the Empire State Building. Before you visit, it is a good idea to book Empire State Building parking ahead of time with ParkWhiz.

ParkWhiz makes it quite simple to find Empire State Building parking; select what time and date you will need Empire State Building parking, print out the Empire State Building parking pass (or use your mobile pass with your smartphone) and enjoy New York City’s Empire State Building!

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