ParkWhiz API: Parking Location

Location information and pricing options. The JSON API uses a URL structure similar to the main ParkWhiz website. For example, the URL to return JSON data for 601 Stadium Dr would be

Request[location_url]/ GET


Field Type Description
key string required ParkWhiz public API key
start integer Start time of the parking, expressed as a Unix timestamp
end integer End time of the parking, expressed as a Unix timestamp
coupons array of strings Coupon codes to apply to the parking price, in PHP array format. Example: coupons[]=abc123&coupons[]=xyz123

Example call


Field Type Description
location_name string The display name of the parking location
parkwhiz_url string URL of this location on
address string Street address of the parking location
city string City of the parking location
state string US state or Canadian province of the parking location
zip integer Zip code of the parking location
type string One of the following: commercial-lot, commercial-garage, commercial, business, residence
lat float Latitude of the parking location
lng float Longitude of the parking location
eticket integer Boolean (1 or 0) whether the location accepts mobile parking passes
directions string Driving directions to the parking location, HTML formatted
description string A description of the parking location, HTML formatted
recommendations integer Number of ParkWhiz customers who gave this location positive feedback
listings string Pricing information for this parking location and times

listings Object Parameters

Field Type Description
listing_id integer ID of the parking listing
www_reserve_url string URL to book a spot at
start integer Start time of the quoted parking, expressed as a Unix timestamp
end integer End time of the quoted parking, expressed as a Unix timestamp
price float The cost to book this parking
available_spots integer The number of spots available
notes string Instructions for drivers using this parking, HTML formatted
valet integer This parking is valet parking (boolean 1 or 0)
indoor integer This parking is covered (boolean 1 or 0)
shuttle integer Shuttle service is offered to the designated venue (boolean 1 or 0)
tailgate integer Tailgating is permitted (boolean 1 or 0)
security integer On-site security personnel (boolean 1 or 0)
restroom integer Restrooms are available on-site (boolean 1 or 0)
attended integer An attendant is on-site (boolean 1 or 0)
rv integer This parking is for Recreational Vehicles (boolean 1 or 0)
obstructed integer This parking may be obstructed during the parking period (boolean 1 or 0)
venue_name string The venue served by this parking, if any
event_name string The event served by this parking, if any

Example response

	"location_name": "MPG Parking",
	"parkwhiz_url": "",
	"address": "100 W. 26th St.",
	"city": "New York",
	"state": "NY",
	"zip": "10001",
	"type": "commercial-garage",
	"timezone": "America/New_York",
	"lat": 40.744791177613,
	"lng": -73.99185425949,
	"eticket": 0,
	"directions": "Look for the MPG Park 24 Hours sign on the south (right) side of West 26th St. The garage is on West 26th between 6th and 7th Avenues, closer to 6th Ave.",
	"description": "Great indoor parking garage just a few blocks from Madison Square Garden.",
	"recommendations": 112,
	"listings": [
			"listing_id": 43482,
			"available_spots": 10,
			"price": 20,
			"www_reserve_url": "",
			"api_reserve_url": "",
			"start": 1352046600,
			"end": 1352061000,
			"notes": "Upon arrival, please show the ParkWhiz parking pass to the attendant for validation.",
			"valet": 1,
			"indoor": 1,
			"shuttle": 0,
			"tailgate": 0,
			"security": 0,
			"restroom": 0,
			"attended": 1,
			"rv": 0,
			"obstructed": 0,
			"venue_name": "Madison Square Garden",
			"event_name": "Philadelphia 76ers at New York Knicks"