ParkWhiz Real-time Parking Information API

ParkWhiz offers a free API that allows anyone to add parking location, pricing, and availability data to their website or application.

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The ParkWhiz API endpoint is and

Generally speaking, the RESTful interface for the ParkWhiz API mirrors the URL structure for the human-readable site. Just change the domain name from "" to "".

The ParkWhiz API deals with 4 types of objects:

  • Parking locations A parking location is a specific geographic location, and describes the physical location of a parking spot.
  • Parking listings Parking listings describe pricing and availability information for a parking location. A parking location can have one or many parking listings
  • Venues Venues are points of interest, such as theatres, stadiums, or airports. A venue object describes the geographic location of the venue, as well as any events occurring at that venue.
  • Events Events describe the start, end, and name of events occurring at a venue. Think of events as a pre-built search query for parking.

Data is returned as JSON objects and arrays. The API supports JSONP as implemented by jQuery, so it's easy to integrate ParkWhiz data into client-side Javascript applications. Pass a "callback=" argument and the JSON data will be returned wrapped in the desired callback.


Data returned by all GET calls can be cached for up to 24 hours. Data returned by POST calls must not be cached.

There is no hard rate limit, but if you expect to be making more than 1,000 calls per day, please contact us.

API Methods


Search for parking at a specific location and time.


Venue and event information, including aggregate parking information.

Venue Search

Find venues based on name or latitude/longitude coordinates.


Event information and parking options.

Parking Location

Parking location information and pricing options.