Coors Field

Coors Field

2001 Blake St,
Denver, CO

Upcoming Events

Aug 2 - 31
Los Angeles Dodgers at Colorado Rockies
6 dates
Aug 5 - 7
Miami Marlins at Colorado Rockies
3 dates
Aug 8 - 9
Texas Rangers at Colorado Rockies
2 dates
Aug 15 - 17
Washington Nationals at Colorado Rockies
3 dates
Aug 19 - 21
Chicago Cubs at Colorado Rockies
3 dates
Aug 27
27 locations
The Color Run Denver 2016
Parking starting at $2
Sep 2 - 4
Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies
3 dates
Sep 5 - 7
San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies
3 dates
Sep 16 - 18
San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies
3 dates
Sep 19 - 21
St Louis Cardinals at Colorado Rockies
3 dates
Sep 30 - Oct 2
Milwaukee Brewers at Colorado Rockies
3 dates


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About Coors Field

Spacious, wild and beautiful: Those words describe both the American West, and Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies. Coors Field parking is the gateway to a unique ballpark experience, giving locals and out-of-towners a flavor of the region.


The savviest fans in Denver will take right-field seats, as those provide the sightlines to the Rocky Mountains beyond the left field bleachers. The snow-capped landscape is visible during the day, especially when the sun’s out and the sky’s blue. Then as twilight hits, the Rockies transform into a jagged silhouette just before the sun tucks itself behind the mountain range. For night games, fans want to make sure they secure Rockies parking before first pitch to get inside the stadium inside to watch the natural show.

It’s doesn’t beat a sunset over the Rockies, but the interior park offers up some western motifs, like the park beyond the outfield. Beyond the center-field wall is a waterfall and some pine trees, snapshotting the Rocky Mountains’ environment. Up over the mini-forest is the “Rockpile,” the center-field bleachers where the die-hards settle for games. The center-field wall sits a whopping 415 behind home plate, an homage to the dimensions at the old Mile High Stadium and a feature to encapsulate that range out west.

An unintentional effect of a Rocky Mountain setting is the havoc the low air density plays on the baseballs. The lack of humidity allows balls to fly off bats and travel through the air unfettered. It also doesn’t impede balls thrown by pitchers as well, causing less movement on breaking balls. This equates to a pitcher’s nightmare, and led to the creation of a giant humidor to restore humidity to baseballs to curb the inflated offensive numbers put up in the ballpark in the 90’s.

The fastest way get into this one-of-a-kind ballpark is to book Coors Field parking online with ParkWhiz. Rockies parking can be nabbed in advance to ensure a space is saved for your arrival and your only concern is catching that sunset.

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