Charles Playhouse

Charles Playhouse

74 Warrenton St,
Boston, MA

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Jun 1 - Oct 2
Blue Man Group Boston
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June 17 - 7:30pm
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July 16 - 2:00pm
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August 1 - 7:30pm


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About Charles Playhouse

You can find the Charles Playhouse listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and for good reason. If you were headed to the Warrenton Street, Boston, building before 1958, it wouldn’t have been for Charles Playhouse parking. The brick structure has served as a church, a synagogue and a speakeasy.


The structure really found its knack as a playhouse, catalyzing the “regional theatre movement.” These were prominent venues that began offering quality performance outside of the dominant Broadway. Some of these alternatives, including the Charles Playhouse, held their own at the outset and continue to live on today. Now settled in as a theater site, it presents two rock solid productions: The timeless drama, “Shear Madness” and the wacky “Blue Man Group.”

Still playing strong, Shear Madness is one of the oldest nonmusical plays on the globe. It’s put on over 13,000 performances as it continues on in its 34th year since inception. The murder mystery relies on improvisation and includes audience members grilling the actors as the enigma unfolds. The conclusion changes from night to night, infusing a spontaneous flavor to the play that keeps customers coming back for Shear Madness parking year after year.

The Blue Man Group isn’t exactly formulaic either. What the Blue Men do on stage and why they do it is anyone’s guess. You’re going to see bright colors and lots of odd mechanisms and instruments probably not sitting in your tool shed. The actors would appreciate extending the out-of-the-box attitude toward your Blue Man Group parking.

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