2012 Super Bowl XLVI

2012 Super BowlINDIANAPOLIS – Even though the Colts ended their season further from the Super Bowl than any other team in the league, anticipation for the big game has still consumed the city of Indianapolis and the business surrounding Lucas Oil Stadium.  We are exactly 30 days away from Super Bowl XLVI, and fans have already begun to reserve their parking, hotels, and event passes even though the playoffs are only now about to begin.

According to a local NBC news report, some parking spots are already going for as much as $399 despite being a 20-minute “winter walk” away from the stadium.  Parkers can expect the price of parking to increase as we get closer to game day.  ESPN reported parking spots going for over $900 the week before last year’s Super Bowl.

To make matters worse, an earlier article reported that Super Bowl officials expect to need 18,000 hotel rooms for the Super Bowl events in February, but only 7,100 of the 33,000 available rooms are located in Downtown Indianapolis,  meaning the majority of Super Bowl fans will be forced to stay in hotels around the airport and the surrounding area.  Everyone is going to need transportation and parking just to get into the city, so parking prices can certainly be expected to climb even higher.

The Good News

For football fans who plan ahead, there are currently parking spots going for as low as $39, and you can be certain that great parking near the stadium won’t be available come game day for prices this low.

It has already been a record-setting season for players and teams across the NFL, and if the amazing finishes and excitement at the college level are any sort of premonition for what NFL fans can expect, then fans can rest assured that they will not be disappointed.  If you are a football fan, it almost doesn’t matter who makes to the Super Bowl.

The Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants all host high-octane offenses and crazed defenses that will allow only the best to surface out of the NFC.

The AFC will feature a fight to the death every week when long-time rivals like the Steelers, the Ravens, and the Patriots collide with their entire seasons on the line.  This will not be a Super Bowl that anyone wants to forget.


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