New York Fall Shopping Guide


I’ve lived in the east coast for the last 3 years and in that time I’ve learned a lot about building a wardrobe on a tight budget. Now that fall is around the corner, I thought it would only be right to share some of my tips about shopping in New York City.

Most inexperienced shoppers automatically think of 5th Avenue. Now don’t get me wrong, 5th Avenue is the place for accessories such as belts, purses, and shoes but it is not the best place if you’re on a budget.

Typically, I start in the Lower East Side and get all of my foundation pieces like jeans, blouses, and jackets. I am a big fan of small boutiques like Miks and Ace of Hearts. If you like bigger stores then just turn on a block or two and you’ll find yourself at least 3 other stores with what you’re looking for. The best part of it all is the short lines in the Lower East Side!

After getting my foundation pieces, I drive up to Time Square and use my ParkWhiz app to find easy parking. As I’ve mentioned before Time Square and 5th Avenue are perfect for accessories and shoes! If you’re a lover of the high-end brands then make your way to 5th Avenue. If you’re on a budget then I’ll recommend staying in Time Square and finding your accessories and shoes at Aldo and Fossil.

I like to finish my fall shopping with dinner in the Upper East Side at Candle 79. Just use the ParkWhiz app to find parking and end your day with the best vegan food in New York City.

We’re working on building a guide to NYC, what would you add to the shopping list?

2015 Global Citizen Festival Guide

global citizen

The Global Citizen Festival is one of the biggest festivals to happen in Central Park. The free event aims to teach citizens about world problems and spark action and change. This year the festival features Pearl Jam, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, and Coldplay!

If you’re one of the lucky few that did the work got tickets to this festival then do your happy dance and make sure you’re prepared for the day. Below are some of my tips to making the most out of any festival!

  1. Comfort, comfort, comfort! This is an outdoor event with an expected temperature of 75O This is New York City so be prepared for the temperature to spike to the 80s. So dress comfortably (shoes ladies!) and enjoy the many attractions
  2. Book parking in advance– Do yourself a favor and download the ParkWhiz app to find easy and cheap parking. Remember the festival never releases the order of performers so get your parking place ahead of time!
  3. Packing your purse/bag. Carefully read your ticket to understand what is allowed and prohibited from the event. You don’t want to keep running back to your car to drop off items and possibly miss your favorite performer.
  4. Bring cash. There will be 100s of vendors at the event and most tend to not accept credit cards for purchases under $10 so save yourself the headache and bring some cash.
  5. Enjoy yourself! You won tickets to the hottest event of the summer so don’t sweat the little things. Learn about the current world problems and take action. Oh and of course dance and sing out!

If you have any other tips about the Global Citizen Festival please let us know!

3 Tips for Surviving the Papal visit


The Pope has landed for his American tour. The leader of the Catholic Church has a rigorous touring schedule that takes him through 18 stops in 3 cities in less than a week, attracting both Catholics and members of other faiths. The visit starts in Washington DC, then heads to New York and Philadelphia. The Papal convoy is already causing gridlock throughout DC, so we thought we’d put together some tips that will help both visitors and residents

1. Take Public Transit- Public transportation is going to be crowded, but with street closings and added security measures, driving will get you no where. In order to keep up with the increased demand, DC is adding significantly more trains and busses. To get the new schedules, information on road closings and other updates from the city, visit papal visit DC website. With over 70 bus routes interrupted by the Popes events, the city is hiring extra staff to help travelers figure out where they need to go. They are also offering some free transfers for routes that are interrupted.

2.Pay Attention to Twitter- Twitter is usually the fastest and most up to date news source available, especially in tweet happy DC. The New Jersey Department of Transportation has even gotten in on the Papal action, creating the twitter handle @511NJ_Papal to monitor traffic issues and let drivers know how to navigate them. The twitter isn’t confined only to NJ, and can be useful for drivers all over DC. Following hashtags like #papalvisit and #PopeinDC will greatly ease travel experiences this week. Paying attention to twitter will be a major help this weekend.

3. Find a list of the road closures– If you decide that you have to drive, do yourself a favor and make sure you know which streets are closed and that you have parking pre-booked with parkwhiz. With huge swaths of the city center out of commission, and different parking ordinances in effect, having the right information is key. Ddot has assembled some of the best maps, and their info on road closures into one master resource.

The Pope’s visit should help spread peace and bring people together. Hopefully road rage doesn’t tear them apart.

The Race to Frictionless Parking – Part II


The full piece was originally published on TechCrunch.

The underlying goal for all companies in this space is delivering a solution that removes all frictions that people currently face – finding parking and thumbing through their wallets and cars for money to pay, for example – and create one seamless transaction that positively benefits customers. Consumer behavior changes when the utility that’s offered is greater than the existing norm. In order to accomplish this, it simply requires creating a strong consumer value proposition generally composed of a frictionless experience.

A frictionless parking experience means drivers can move freely from point A to point B without any limitations or delays. A multitude of things – cashless parking, reduction or complete avoidance of human interaction or booking capabilities – are at the fingertips of consumers who are testing each product to see what best fits their needs.

Through the mobile boom that’s propelling the parking industry, key changes are helping this market move toward that frictionless experience. These include:

  • Price opacity turning into price transparency: The price of parking has historically been fickle –depending on the time of day or events in the area – and consumers can hardly evaluate the cost before they pull up to a parking spot or into a garage. The advent of parking apps is shifting the industry from an opaque to a transparent pricing model, so people can know how much parking costs before they arrive at their destination.
  • Cash giving way to automated mobile payments: The tedious experience of finding a pay box in a parking lot, getting a ticket and hanging on to it is being replaced by seamless mobile payments. Consumers now have the ability to pay for parking with one quick touch of an app.
  • Coverage increasing every day to deliver true convenience: As mentioned, there’s no shortage of apps helping to make parking simpler, but unfortunately, some of these services aren’t available in particular parts of the country or don’t let people access their cars during certain hours. The industry knows this is a major problem that won’t help shift consumer behavior, so companies are continuously adding facilities, extending hours and expanding into new markets. While many current solutions overlap, they’re all vying to become the one-stop solution to provide around-the-clock coverage for consumers everywhere.
  • A lack of inventory control and revenue management being replaced with the need for both: While these apps are providing big benefits to consumers, there’s good news for operators as well. Mobile apps are enabling the parking industry to move toward a revenue management model, helping garage owners and operators maximize profits. Think of what Expedia and Priceline have done to the hospitality industry – technology has made it possible for hotels to price rooms according to demand, keep hotel rooms booked at various prices (i.e., offering deep discounts during off-peak times) to increase profits for hotels. The same practice is gaining momentum in the parking industry and driving increased revenue for on- and off-street parking vendors.

The truth is nothing is decided within this industry, but both operators and technology leaders know parking is a stress point – an IBM survey showed that drivers around the world spend on average 20 minutes searching for a parking spot. Success will happen when the pinnacle of a frictionless product is achieved, and parking will especially see an insurgency that will greatly impact consumer behavior.

So what are your thoughts about frictionless parking? We’d love to hear from you.

Five Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day


We all know life can be expensive. Whether it’s splurging on groceries, paying for parking, booking your next family vacation or shopping for back-to-school clothes, the daily grind can add up quickly and leave you with more expenses than you bargained for.

Everyone likes to save money and making even the smallest changes to your day-to-day routine can help with your savings in the long run. Here are some ways to help put some dollars back in your pocket – it might even be easier than you think:

  •  Parking – Whether driving to work, traveling into the city or running errands, parking can be stressful. Apps such as ParkWhiz provide an easy way to compare parking prices along with finding and booking guaranteed parking spaces before reaching your destination. You can even ride with a friend or opt for economy lots.
  • Food and groceries – Buying food and groceries is a large part of many people’s daily routine, and apps such as Grocery IQ can help you manage your shopping by building lists, keeping track of your history and tagging certain food items as your favorites. You can also coordinate shopping with others and access coupons. Some other grocery shopping tips include stocking up on deals, being selective about expiration dates, purchasing in-season produce and eating a snack before shopping so you don’t end up purchasing any impulse treats.
  • Travel – Everything from planning family trips to traveling for work can be costly. Look for last- minute deals on top-rated hotels in advance, using an app such as HotelTonight to save plenty of time and money. Other savvy travelers recommend avoiding hidden hotel costs, using regional airports, choosing to walk rather than taking a cab and traveling in the off season.
  • Gas – With travel and commuting come gas expenditures with varying prices, making it difficult to find the cheapest options. Try using an app such as GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas stations near you, and you can also earn points and awards. Avoiding high speeds, using cruise control, refraining from any unnecessary idling and combining errands can also help keep your gas costs low.
  • Shopping – Heading to the mall or your downtown shopping area can be great fun, but can also cost you. Apps such as Retale enable shoppers to search for merchandise and store locations, create and manage shopping lists and clip and store coupons. Other shopping-saving tips include finding outlet stores, checking return policies, setting a budget and avoiding buying something just because it is on sale.

These money-saving tips just scratch the surface, but are a great starting point for anyone looking for

ways to stretch their paycheck. Small savings can add up quickly, and no matter your financial situation,

these tips are worth a shot!

The Race to Frictionless Parking – Part I


The full piece was originally published on TechCrunch.

It’s a scenario that impacts everyone who owns a car: finding parking. People might not think about it or talk about it, but it certainly can be one of those daily frustrations that ignites stress. Traditionally, drivers will circle the block for a coveted on-street parking space or a parking garage that has an affordable hourly rate. However, there is more to parking than white lines, garages and lots.

The parking industry has resisted change well over the last 25 years, but this behemoth of a market – valued at $100 billion worldwide – is transforming. While investors are pouring more than $4 billion into funding on-demand services, the consumer transportation market is anything but in neutral position. The rise of mobile technology has proven it can disrupt just about any sector of the transportation economy, and parking is no exception.

True disruption in this industry can’t be achieved until there is a single-source solution that merges the connected car and predictive parking. Connected cars – the automotive equivalent of a smartphone–communicate with the outside world, have their own wireless networks and in the future will be autonomous. Predictive parking, which is building momentum within mobile parking solutions, predicts where a driver is headed as soon as the app is opened and enables users to book a spot with a single tap.

As companies realize the vast opportunities within parking, many competitors are aspiring to become the definitive solution.

For the technology industry looking to gain traction in this market, the gold-mine opportunity is making parking a frictionless experience. None of the current providers are satisfied with where they stand and are constantly working to increase coverage and service to become the ultimate solution. While all parking apps are sprinting toward that objective, the entire industry still has work to do.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts about the parking industry – and how can we make it less stressful for you?

Parking Scholarship

pw-scholarship (1)

Paying for school can be difficult, paying for parking shouldn’t be. That’s why we’re giving away 1 year of free parking to a deserving student.

Entering is easy:

  • Visit
  • Upload a picture and 100 words on what a year of free parking would mean for your life
  • Get your friends and family to vote for your entry once a day
  • Voting closes 9/25, and a winner will be chosen on 9/28

Having free parking for a year is as simple as that!

In order to enter, you must be enrolled in a higher education program. The scholarship is open to students pursuing associates, bachelors, masters and doctorate programs.

Predictive Parking – Now Standard in the ParkWhiz App

ios- predictive

It’s not about the parking spot, it’s about getting where you want to go. That’s why it’s our mission to help drivers easily reach their destination for less. So far, we’ve done that in more than 150 cities across the US, and we’re still growing. ParkWhiz continues innovating to meet the changing demands of consumers as the convenience economy reshapes expectations, and the connected car comes closer into view.


With our latest app release we are making it easier than ever for drivers to get to their end destination with Predictive Parking. Now the ParkWhiz app will know where you are mostly likely to go as soon as you open the app. Predictive Parking then enables you to book your reserved parking spot in 1 tap. We’re taking the friction out of a process that has long been a hassle for drivers. With ParkWhiz’s Predictive Parking we’re changing the way you park by letting you keep track of parking rates, easily book spots in advance, and eliminate the fear of losing your spot all in one click.

Predictive Parking launched in early July and is available on the apps – give it a try.

3 Tips to Help You Find Your Happy Space At Lollapalooza


If you are one of the 300,000 music fans who will be descending on Chicago this weekend for Lollapalooza, it pays to be prepared. Here are some tips on how to navigate the festival, and make sure you find your happy space.

1) Figure out how you’re getting there. The city is going to be packed, so leave extra time when traveling on public transportation or driving. If you’re from out of town, make sure you understand how the L works, and remember to watch for your stop(It’s the one where everyone else is getting off.)

Driving during Lollapalooza is tough. Make sure you plan for road closures, and take into account the extra traffic downtown. If you’re driving, book parking in advance using ParkWhiz. For out of town drivers, it might make sense to book a spot for the whole weekend, and then use public transit to get to the festival.

New users can take 10% off their parking by using the code LOLLA when booking!

2) Plan your day with the map. One of the biggest mistakes first time Lolla-goers make is failing to account for how big Grant Park is. Rushing from one end of the festival to another is tiring, and without proper planning will mean that you miss important acts you want to see. In order to prevent a case of the “bummers” sit down with a map and plan where you want to watch shows in advance.

lolla map

3) Hydrate. The sun is hot, and being surrounded by 300,000 dancing bodies makes it feel even hotter. A lot of the stages don’t have a significant amount of shade around them, so there’s no where to hide. Drink lots of water, and consider bringing a Camelback in order to stay cool. Take advantage of water refilling stations and wear sunblock. Nobody likes the kid who passes out at the festival.

When heading to the festival, a little bit of planning goes a long way. By smoothing out the details of your experience before you get there, you will make it easier to find your festival happy place.

Lanier Parking Solutions Taps ParkWhiz as Market-leading eParking Platform, Connecting Online and Offline Worlds


CHICAGO – July 15, 2015 – ParkWhiz, the leading on-demand parking app that makes it easy to find and book parking from any device, announced a new partnership with Lanier Parking Solutions, a leading parking operations company. The partnership enables immediate availability of hourly, daily and monthly parking at more than 225 locations across 11 states and 35 major cities.

ParkWhiz allows drivers to easily find and book available parking via the ParkWhiz mobile app or website. The service allows drivers who commute – and those parking for special events and travel – to guarantee their spot will be waiting for them when they arrive. ParkWhiz lets users compare parking prices, taking the guesswork out of finding affordable parking. The addition of Lanier to the ParkWhiz network means thousands of new convenient parking spots will be available across the country.

“Consumers expect the convenience and efficiency of mobile apps,” said Lanier Parking Solutions CEO, Jerry Skillett. “In addition to having an easy to use full featured parking app, ParkWhiz’s robust, digital platform and ‘eParking Command Center’ allows us to easily optimize yield for our parking assets. Our alliance with ParkWhiz is an important step for Lanier and the future of parking.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Lanier, together we’re giving people more options throughout the country,” said ParkWhiz CEO Aashish Dalal. “ We are a fast-growing company with a great team that is determined to make parking as easy as possible. Together ParkWhiz and Lanier will create more convenient and affordable parking for people, and we hope they will take advantage of it.”

Drivers can find Lanier spots starting today via the ParkWhiz apps or online at

About ParkWhiz:

Headquartered in Chicago, ParkWhiz is the e-parking industry leader. The company’s mobile apps and website provide a fast and efficient way for drivers to find and book guaranteed parking spaces before reaching their destination at thousands of parking locations across the country, from New York City to Chicago to San Francisco. ParkWhiz is an official partner of StubHub and TicketsNow, and the company also partners with professional and collegiate sports organizations, including the Indianapolis Colts and NCAA teams, Auburn University and entertainment venues across the country. For more information, visit

About Lanier Parking Solutions:

Lanier Parking Solutions (“Lanier”) is the Southeast’s leading parking operations brand with over 350 operations and 1,700 employees in the Southeastern United States. Lanier is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Lanier continued its fast-paced growth trajectory in 2014 adding a significant number of new parking operations and achieving double-digit revenue growth. The company extended relationships with major real estate firms, including CBRE, Parkway Properties, Transwestern, JLL, Avison Young, and multiple municipalities during the past 12 months.

ParkWhiz Integrates for Roadside Assistance Help


As millions of people hit the roads this summer, safety will be a top concern.

At ParkWhiz, we’re providing you, our awesome customers, with a new safety feature through our latest partnership with, America’s No. 1 roadside assistance app. Now available,’s emergency-call button is embedded in the ParkWhiz app, providing you with more resources to ensure safe commutes – no matter near or far.

As you know, we have a presence in big cities across the country, from San Francisco to Chicago to New York City, so we realize that travelers will often be driving from far away to reach their final destination, so roadside assistance is crucial. Regardless of commute length, will help you stay safe on the roads. Armed with’s roadside assistance and ParkWhiz’s parking rates and reservations, you’ll be able to enjoy a comprehensive, stress-free travel experience anywhere you go.

We hope you love it as much as we do, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think!

ParkWhiz & ShowClix partner to help event goers find parking in advance!


We’ve been teaming up with quite a few big players in the event ticketing space to improve the end-to-end experience of all the concerts, games, circuses, and what-have-yous that we all enjoy going to so much. Today, we’re happy to announce another addition to the list: ShowClix!

ShowClix is a full-service ticketing company that helps event organizers provide awesome experiences for their attendees, and we’re going to make parking super easy for those folks.

Get excited! ShowClix has already started to integrate the ParkWhiz platform into several customer-facing areas of the ticket-purchase process, and will be including helpful little parking links in the reminders they send to each attendee the day before an event. They’re making this all really simple for their organizers and attendees alike (take a look at their blog on it if you don’t believe us).

To learn more, and see what it means for your next event, check out the article below.


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 3.14.50 PM


ParkWhiz & StubHub Partner: Get your tickets and parking all in one place


Until now, getting your tickets was just the beginning of the on-going process that is planning for and attending an event. There always seems to be one thing that gets in the way of enjoying a night out with your favorite artist, or team, that you didn’t really think about until the last minute… Like parking, for example.

That’s why we’re super excited to announce a partnership with StubHub that will allow you to get your tickets and parking all in one place, eliminating the remaining questions that loom as the event date grows closer. Yes. You read that right. You can now get event-specific ParkWhiz parking passes with your tickets on StubHub. “Where are we going to park” will soon just mean, “what lot is our parking pass for?” And that question is a whole lot easier to answer.

Get the full scoop in this article from Blue Sky Chicago, a Chicago Tribune publication & welcome to the era of easier events!

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.20.44 PM

Click to read full article

Parking for a penny: How one Illinois town does it

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 4.27.14 PM

Parking here in Chicago can cost you a pretty penny… So, it might be hard to believe that a little town just an hour west of the city is literally charging a pretty penny, a penny, ONE CENT, to park at its downtown metered spots.

In Sycamore, Illinois a penny gets you 12 minutes of parking, a nickel buys you an hour and a dime gets you two. If your mind isn’t blown yet, fines for parking violations are only $1 – which has quadrupled over the past few years from a whopping .25 cents. BWAUASHHH (sound of mind blowing)!

In Chicago, where metered parking costs as much as $6.50 an hour, and a ticket will run you $65, nobody’s really super excited about metered spots… even with the advent of ParkChicago… they’re still hard to find and stupid expensive. Not to mention, they’ve brought about more scandalous episodes than ABC’s Scandal…

Metered parking in Chicago can actually be a deterrent for people going out, enjoying the city they love, shopping local, and grabbing a bite at their favorite spot more frequently. And that’s exactly the type of behavior the city of Sycamore is working on avoiding.

The business is booming in Sycamore’s downtown area, unlike most small town downtown business’ that are just boarded up. City Manager Brian Gregory attributes the thriving downtown community to the welcoming penney parking prices. Residents say even though it’s just a little money, it does give you incentive to watch the meter. And that little money at the meter is enough to encourage drivers to park and do their thing without lingering too long.

There are still 316 penney meters in Sycamore, which may be the most left in any single community, and they won’t last forever. One thing is for sure though, Chicago meter prices won’t even be dropping a penny, much less to a penny, and your time is a lot more valuable than (insert literally any monetary thing). So, save the meter money for your Sycamore visits, Chicago. ParkWhiz is the closest you’ll get to that priceless parking experience.

Cheapest spots in Chicago:
These 3 prices will get you at least 3 hours of parking


Chicago parking is the worst, we’re working on making it the best.

Chicago parking - Chicago skyline

Photo by Aurimas Adomavicius


Chicago drivers have been through privatized parking meters, winter weather hazards, and now a looming parking tax increase. It’s no wonder that Chicago is the worst city to park in America. We started ParkWhiz to make it easier to find and book parking to cut down on the hardships of being a driver. We have had the pleasure of helping thousands of Chicagoland drivers find parking before they leave their house and while on the go. This has allowed us to gather a lot of data on the habits of the daily Chicago driver. We are all about using this knowledge to Our data crunchers got together to come up with 5 tips to better your Chicago parking experience. Our good friends at ChicagoInno posted about our findings.

Here’s a peak into the findings:

  • ParkWhiz’s data reveals Friday to be the most common day to park in the city, followed by Saturday. If you’re driving on these two days, adjust accordingly.
  • Due to volume, it’s harder to park between the hours of 8 and 9 a.m. than it is before 7 a.m. Also, 26% of daily parking happens between the hours of 4 – 7 p.m., with commuters heading to new parts of the city and people coming into town. This typically results in the heaviest congestion of the day. If you want the smoothest drive, arrive early and leave early.

Click here to read the entire story!


San Francisco Giants onto the post season

sf giant

October baseball’s been good to the Giants this decade. After a six-year playoff drought, San Francisco returned to the postseason with a thud, winning 11 of its 15 games en route to a World Series Championship. Just two years later San Francisco did it again, squeaking out of the National League bracket before sweeping Detroit in the World Series for its second title in three years. After an empty 2013, the Giants are back as fans who hit AT&T Park parking for postseason baseball strap themselves in for another playoff journey.

The 2014 regular season was an up-and-down campaign for San Francisco. The season before ended with a 76-and-86 record and the first losing year for the Giants in four seasons. A dedicated fan base, not used to losing baseball of late, expected a rebound, and at first, that’s what they got. By early June, San Francisco had raced out to a 42-and-21 start, mounting a 10-game over the second-place Dodgers.

That double-digit lead evaporated in just over a month, as a rough stretch for San Francisco let Los Angeles overtake first place in the N.L. West. It’s a lead L.A. would not surrender, but the Giants got their act together to make a push for the wild card, which they clinched last weekend.

The celebration will soon turn into fingernail biting, as a wild card berth in Major League Baseball today is a dicey proposition. Up until 2012, wild card winners were routed straight into the leagues Divisional Series, a best three-out-of-five. Now, wild card winners square off against one another in a one-game playoff, leaving no margin for error. So a potential World Series run this year is far more treacherous for the Giants than in years past, as this one could be over just hours after it starts.

The quest likely begins on the road in Pittsburgh (or possibly St. Louis), where the Pirates won 62% of their games this season. Should the Giants survive the game, they can be assured of some home action and San Francisco Giants parking for the NLDS.



The Easiest Way to Park for Fall Concerts

San Francisco offers some of the best live music venues in the country. Check out the live music coming to a San Francisco music venue near you!

Great American Music Hall – Dawes – 10/4
DawesThis 4 man group out of LA travels up the PCH to spread it’s crisp and simple rhythms with clear full harmonies, a call back to Americana. Dawes departed from it’s more indie rock roots and honed in on a more relaxed driving force compounded by smooth guitar riffs and lyrics of yesteryear.

Great American Music Hall parking



Fox Theatre (Oakland)Nas – 10/21

nasSpend a very special evening with one of NYC’s most prolific rappers. Ever since stepping onto the rap scene with his 1994 release Illmatic Nas has been a tour-de-force continually pumping out hit after hit. Gather with other fans and bounce with Nas as he raps and premiers his documentary Nas: Time is Illmatic.

Fox Theatre (Oakland) parking



SF JAZZSFJAZZ Collective –  10/23 – 26

sfjazzListen to 8 new works by this octet comprised of SFJAZZ’s artists in residence and Miguel Zenon, David Sanchez, Warren Wolf, Avishai Cohen, Robin Eubanks, Edward Simon, and Matt Penman. Get a special treat as the program also includes original music by the late great tenor sax player Joe Henderson.

SFJAZZ parking



The WarfieldDropkick Murphy’s – 11/4

dropkickCeltic based folk/punk band Dropkick Murphy’s are known for their rowdy behavior and fans who will sing every song citing their Irish heritage loud and proud. Don’t miss this now rare opportunity to see the boys from South Boston as they take over the Bay area with their hard hitting, fast paced style of rock.

The Warfield parking


Bill Graham Civic AuditoriumBassnectar – 11/14

bassnectarIf you like things that go whomp in the night you will love a Bassnectar concert. Anchored in Dubstep but always willing to experiment he has become one of the worlds biggest DJ’s. His inventive style is based in using complex beat rotations with a mix a melodic voices and samples. Let the beat…drop.

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium parking



Fox Theatre (Oakland)Tame Impala – 11/15 & 11/16

tameTame Impala hails from Perth Australia but clings to the more UK rooted fuzz rock. The band is no stranger to large stages as the have opened for the Balck Keys and You Am I on Australian National tours. This night promises energetic songs, a rowdy crowd, and maybe a Fosters or some shrimp on the barbie.

Fox Theatre (Oakland) parking




Bottom of the HillThe Weeks – 11/21

the weeksThe Weeks pound out a newer, harder version of southern rock. Though signed in 2008 they are really picking up steam with their newest release “Buttons”. The Weeks are joined by sludge pop group Clear Plastic Masks whose soun is a mix of echoey blues riffs and tight drums skins with plenty of crash.

Bottom of the Hill parking



The FillmoreDelta Spirit – 10/25

deltaIndie folk rock combines a mix of alt-country with full vocals and resonant undertones to create one epic, unique sound. Though their first 2 album focuses more on this sound while the most recent release album keys in a darker set of songs with heavier lyrics of self-sacrifice and determination in the time of trouble.

The Fillmore parking


Never Be Late to the Theatre Again

Chicago offers a plethora of great theatre from world premiers to American classics the Windy City is never lacking on staged entertainment. Check out these highlighted events for the fall. Get cultured. See live theatre.


Bank of America TheatreAmazing Grace – 10/9 – 11/2

amazinggThe world premiere of Amazing Grace will hit Chicago this fall. The story follows Englishman John Newton in his transition from slave trader to abolitionist. Newton’s conversion to Christianity led him to write the hymn Amazing Grace. Hinted as being an epic story full of pain and passion must peak your interest.

Amazing Grace parking options starting at $8



Briar Street TheatreBlue Man Group

bmgJoin 3 blue oddballs on their journey through worlds of sound, colors, and plenty of splashing paints. Blue Man Group has been a staple in the theatre community for years being that they never back down from bringing inventive and interactive live theatrics to audiences across the nation.

Blue Man Group parking options starting at $8





Mercury TheatreAvenue Q – Now – 10/16

avenue_qThink Seasame Street reject puppets teaching less about the ABC’s and more about street smarts. Though crass this show is a delight for those willing to look beyond that and enjoy the show for it’s hard hitting humor and unabashed cynicism about life in the city. This show has a lot of puppets however this show is not for children.

Avenue Q parking options starting at $10



Broadway PlayhouseMen are from Mars, Women are from Venus – 10/18

downloadThis one-MAN show incorporating stand-up format and scripted monologues gives insight to all aspects of what goes through a man’s head when confronted with the possibility of relationship aka simply seeing a women. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, this show offers plenty of laughs for those from Mars and Venus, alike.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus parking options starting at $8



Chicago TheatreJim Gaffigan – 10/21 

gaffignaOne of the most popular and funniest comics in the game makes his way back home to Illinois after he last visited on his White Bread Tour. Known most for a mixed bag of food jokes, commentary on being lazy, and jabs at his very large family; Gaffigan slays audiences with his deadpan/nonchalant deliveries.

Jim Gaffigan parking options starting at $9



Broadway PlayhouseDee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale – 11/4 – 1/4/2015

Twisted Sister Presents "A Twisted Christmas"In this bizzare tale the rock band Daisy Cutter so desperately wants a hit they sell their souls to the devil. The catch? Everytime they make a hit song the tune comes out as a Christmas Carol. This world premier Christmas rock show, presented by 80’s rocker and theatre lover Dee Snider, is a treat for those tired of the holiday classics.

Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale parking options starting at $8


Lyric Opera HousePorgy and Bess – 11/17 – 11/30

porgyThis Opera with lyrics and composition by Gershwin and Heyward takes a look into Catfish Row, a fictitious Black Tenement housing project in South Carolina and the struggles of the African-American culture Though not a hit at it’s inception, this opera has become one of the most well known and produced operas in the US.

Porgy and Bess parking options starting at $6



Goodman Theatre A Christmas Carol – 11/15 – 12/28

christmascarolThe annual production of Goodman Theatre’s A Christmas Carol raises it’s curtain right before Thanksgiving. This classic tale of the wonder and warmth through the power of the Christmas spirit has been entertaining audiences since it’s debut in 1978. Be a part of the hioliday season, be a part of Chicago theatre history.

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Cadillac Palace TheatreAnnie – 11/18 – 11/30

annieJoin the orphan we have grown up loving live on stage in Chicago this Fall. Annie and the orphans of Municipal Girls Orphanage have a hard knock life under Miss Hannigan so when Annie gets a chance to be adopted she jumps at it. Through her trip Annie teaches us that worries are for not; the sun will come out tomorrow.

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Chicago TheatreHow the Grinch Stole Christmas  11/20 – 11/29

grinchIt’s a wonder that the lovable Dr. Seuss can come up with such a hard-nosed, small-hearted character such as the Grinch, but through that creation he helps us realize anyone can change with a little help from a friend. Join Cindy Lou Who and all of Whoville as they teach the lesson of happiness to the “mean one.”

How the Grinch Stole Christmas parking options starting at $9

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Fall Sounds of Chicago

Chicago is home to a variety of venues offering orchestral music to folk to indie and beyond. Check out these highlighted concerts coming this fall to a Chicago music hall near you.

Riviera Theatre – Robert Plant – 10/4

rob plantRobert Plant is at it again. Since parting ways from the iconic Led Zeppelin Plant has been touring with a variety of artists showcasing styles from Classic Jazz to bluegrass. His new endeavour Robert Plant and the Sensation Space Shifters has brought on a new chapter to his ever evolving sound. This afro-beat, almost U2ish vibe fits with Plants haunting vocals perfectly. 

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MetroAlkaline Trio – 10/16 – 10/18

alkalineChicago welcomes one of the best punk rock trios of all time to the Metro stage for 3 nights of true rock epicness. Spawned out of a night of drinking wiht buddies and being fed up with relationships and their current artistic endeavors Alakline Trio melts faces with their forthright lyrics and driving guitar rhythms.

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City WinerySinead O’ Connor – 10/19 – 10/20 & 10/22

sineadSinead O’ Connor is known for turning heads on Saturday Night Live when she ripped a picture of the Pope back in the early 90’s. O’ Connor is now trying to turn ears back to her alluring and haunting voice. A special 3 night event highlighting the Irish singers career and celebrating her new album is set to take place at City Winery.

City Winery parking


United CenterCher – 10/24

cherThe ever young Cher brings her D2K tour the Chicago’s United Center. This iconic powerhouse will be playing all her hits dressed in outrageous outfits that push the envelope on fashion and spectacle.  Cher shares the stage with special guest Pat Benatar. Real fans know there is never a dull moment at a Cher show. Be a part of the action.

United Center parking



House of Blues ChicagoYonder Mountain String Band – 11/7 – 11/8

yonderYonder is playing a two day set at Chicago’s HOB. These folk and bluegrass masters  promise to delight fans of any age with their upbeat jams that can last upwards of 20 minutes. For those looking for a good ole time exploring the sounds of twangy banjos, vibrant acoustic guitars, and vocal harmonies this is your bag.

House of Blues Chicago parking


Vic TheatreFirst Aid Kit – 11/22

first_aid_kitSwedish sister duo Johanna and Klara Soderberg have folksy prowess and angelic harmonies will that make you swoon and bob all night long at the Vic Theatre. The girls will be joined by sultry voiced folk singer Samantha Crain. Folk on through Lakeview with a huge smile on your face. Give your ears a treat.

Vic Theatre parking



The MidCazzette – 11/29

cazzetteAnother Swedish duo will be in Chicago this weekend. This band doesn’t use guitars but rather beat machines and turntables to help you bop and groove through that nice. DJ’s Furrer and Bjorklund specialize in a hybrid genre of EDM, Dubhouse. They mix classic vocal stylings of House with the hard hitting drops of Dubstep.

The Mid parking



Reggies Rock ClubBrother Ali – 11/14

brother_aliBrother Ali raps about what he knows, living life as an individual with a dead-locked focus on a lofty goal and achieving that goal when others say “you can’t”. Born out of the underground world of battles this lyricist took the rap world by storm with his album The Undisputed Truth and has toured the world with many rap greats.

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The best parking spots for Broadway Shows

Theatre in New York is now run by star power. You can’t go to any show without an A-list actor’s name spanning the marquee. Check out some of these upcoming star studded shows.


Walter Kerr Theatre – A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder– 9/26 – 4/15/2015

guidetolovePenniless Monty Navarro learns that he is an heir to the noble throne of Highhurst. The catch, he is 8th in line. Follow Monty on his journey to end the lives of those in his way. Tony winner Jefferson Mays ( a tour-de-force on stage) plays a menagerie of characters in this high energy musical murder story.

Walter Kerr Theatre parking options starting at $12




Gerald Schoenfeld TheatreIt’s Only A Play – 9/26 – 1/4/2015

onlyplayNathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are together again on Broadway with a all-star supporting cast in Terrance McNally’s uproariously hilarious, fast-paced play aptly titled It’s Only A Play. Being a playwright is not easy when trying to make it “big”. Draw into a playwrights life as he tries to cut through red tape to ensure his show is a success.

Schoenfeld Theatre parking options starting at $12



Cort TheatreThis is our Youth – 9/26 – 1/4/2015

thisyouthMichael Cera and Kieran Culkin star in this 80’s play set in a NYC bungalow apartment which keys in on the thoughts of youth’s and the desire to live without consequence. Lonergan’s dark comedy opens us up to world where in young 20 something’s believe they can make a new life for themselves with $15,000 of stolen money.

Cort Theatre parking options starting at $12


New Amsterdam TheatreAladdin – 9/26 – 1/4/2015

aladdinFall into a whole new world with Disney’s Aladdin. The notable Disney spectacle is abundant in their most recent Broadway Musical. The score covers your favorite songs from the movie and incorporates some new hits as well. Take the family, take a friend a magic carpet ride into the wonderfully fantastical world of Disney.

New Amsterdam Theatre parking options starting at $12


New World StagesAvenue Q – 9/26 – 11/22

avenue_qThink Seasame Street reject puppets teaching less about the ABC’s and more about street smarts. Though crass this show is a delight for those willing to look beyond that and enjoy the show for it’s hard hitting humor and unabashed cynicism about life in the city. Though it has puppets this show is not for children. Act fast as this show is slated to close soon!

New World Stages Parking options starting at $12


Longacre TheatreYou Can’t Take it With You – 9/28 – 1/4/2015

youcan'ttakeitThis classic Hart and Kauffman musical brings James Earl Jones back to the Broadway stage.  Newly betrothed couple Kirby and Alice invite their families over t share a meal at there house. Unfortunately, the family members continue to step on each other toes which leads Alice to reconsider even getting married at all.

Longacre Theatre parking options starting at $12



American Airlines TheatreThe Real Thing – 10/2 – 1/4/2015

Ewan McGregor in Guys and Dolls in LondonMaggie Gyllenhaal and Ewan MacGregor make their Broadway debut in Tom Stoppard’s play with in a play. The story focuses on the impact of honesty in the confines of a working/intimate relationship with an outlining commentary on politics. Stoppard is a master of word play and a true artist when it comes to making his audience think.

American Airlines Theatre parking options starting at $12


Ethel Barrymore Theatre – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time – 10/5 – 3/29/2015

curious incidentBased on the 2003 Best selling book of the same name Haddon states “… if anything it’s a novel (play) about difference, about being an outsider, about seeing the world in a surprising and revealing way.” The story follows 15 year old John Boone and his investigation into the murder of the neighbors dog.

Ethel Barrymore Theatre parking options starting at $12



Circle in the Square The River – 10/31 – 1/25

TheRiverPlaywright Jez Butterworth blew audiences away with his last play Jerusalem and he is on course to do it again with The River starring Hugh Jackman. Jackman consistently gives it all in any production. Though the details and plot are to remain a mystery it centers around “The Man” and takes place in a remote cabin in the woods.

Circle in the Square parking options starting at $12


Radio City Music HallRadio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular – 11/7 – 12/31

radio cityA true New York tradition. Join in on the fun with the Rockettes while they celebrate the holidays in high kick fashion. This NYC staple will put a smile on every face who enters in the winter wonderland. The Rockettes perform the show an awe-inspiring 5 times a day but tickets will go fast so act now.

Radio City Music Hall parking options starting at $12