The New Connected Car – Part II

connected car this one

Photo courtesy of Bayforce


This is the second post about the future of the connected car. Check out part one here. The full piece originally appeared on WardsAuto.

In my previous post, I discussed the landscape that’s driving the future of the connected car, but now, let’s take a look at three of its growth areas:

1. Smart Parking. There’s nothing like the stress of parking, especially trying to find a convenient spot. There are a finite number of parking spaces for a seemingly infinite number of cars, and cities across the country struggle to meet the demand. In extreme cases, spots can even go for the price of a house. More commonly, people must invest large amounts of time in their commutes to find a spot and bundles of money from their budgets. Parking apps have emerged to provide an easier, cheaper and more efficient solution to the parking problem. Drawing from the Uber-inspired on-demand market, these apps provide consumers with local garage availability, as well as the opportunity to book and pay a lower rate for a space in advance. As a successful smartphone app, it’s easy to see the draw of an integrated parking reservation and payment system included in connected cars. For the first time ever, people could monitor and secure parking spaces on their front dashboard as easily as they browse music listings. There’s no saying that parking can’t be integrated seamlessly into the driving experience, creating a frictionless experience for people, just as other technology such as radio and air conditioning have been in past eras.

2. Vehicle-to-vehicle Connectivity. While the connected car itself offers great promise, there’s further opportunity to connect vehicles to one another. Waze has been successful at monitoring traffic and advising drivers of the least-congested routes, but cars with networks for short-range communications can interact with other nearby cars to gather such information as speed and potential hazards, creating a network of safer, easier driving. By sending notifications of black ice or warning drivers of an upcoming accident, the connected car could actually prepare you for what’s ahead on the road. AT&T and Audi are already collaborating on the integrated navigation, Internet database and Wi-Fi system. We may see soon enough that the future of the connected car in fact involves a networked web of numerous connected cars in the vicinity.

3. Car-status Monitoring. In an effort to provide more efficient and safe ways to drive, devices are being created to help drivers monitor their car. Tools such as the Automatic, the Mojio and the Zubie collect data to inform people the most fuel-efficient ways to press the pedal, the car’s location and more. The data collected acts as a “Fitbit for your car.” The connected car is also a way to ensure the safety of drivers, particularly teens who live in a world of multitasking. The car could provide information about where the driver is, how fast he or she is going or automatically call for help in an accident.

While it has yet to completely catch on with the general public, the prospect of new technology outfitting the connected car offers endless promise. With in-car assistance informing the driver about affordable parking availability, local traffic and hazard information and convenient engine diagnostics and car status updates, it’s clear that the connected car will one day soon be an inseparable part of the driving experience.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Everyone has a Thanksgiving morning tradition. Whether it is cleaning, cooking, or sleeping, there is something that makes us all excited for the holiday. I, as most New Yorkers, get up early every Thanksgiving Day morning to get ready for the Thanksgiving Day parade. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is a tradition started in 1924 that celebrates the holiday with floats, balloons, marching bands, clowns, and live performances. This year’s musical acts range from Train, Trey Songz, and Shawn Mendes to many more! It is the perfect family event to get your day started.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade will start at 9 AM at 77th Street & Central Park West and end at 34th Street and 7th Avenue around 12 PM. As you can imagine this event will be hectic so we recommend planning ahead as much as possible.


Now that you’re going, you’re probably wondering where to watch. Here are the best 3 places to watch the parade from:

  1. The Shops at Columbus Circle mall in the Time Warner Center has the best viewing space from its 2nd and 3rd floors. The mall itself opens at 9 am so get there early and grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy the parade.
  2. The parade will be on Sixth Avenue for about 21 blocks. It gives you ample time to find the perfect space for you and your friends.
  3. If for some reason you can’t make it to the parade, then I suggest watching it from home. It will be broadcasted on NBC. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the animated balloons!

The New Connected Car – Part I

new connected car

Photo courtesy of DrivingtheNortheast via Flickr

This is the first of two posts about the future of the connected car. The full piece originally appeared on WardsAuto.

The rise of Internet availability, data and connectivity over the past decade-plus have caused a fundamental shift in the way we use technology to interact with our surroundings. Connected homes, fitness devices, TVs, watches, taxi services and even medical devices have emerged as a result of exponential smartphone innovation and widespread use.

It would have seemed only natural—inevitable, in fact—that a connected car would rise to better assist users and more seamlessly integrate the world around the driver into the car. In fact, GSMA predicts that every car will be connected by 2025. In order for this to be fully realized, the interaction between technology and driver has to be frictionless, maximizing safety, while also assisting driving. The interface has to be so carefully thought through and tested in order for car manufacturers to get it just right.

As it stands now, the driver-technology interaction dynamic is something that’s up for solving. Recent reports found that drivers aren’t using a majority of the technology built into cars: 20 percent of new-vehicle owners have never used 16 of the 33 technology features measured, 38 percent have never used mobile routers and 32 percent have never used the built-in apps. There’s potential for the connected car to evolve and grow to not only better assist the driving experience, but ensure safety as well. While some aspects such as Google Glass for your car may be superfluous, there are real areas where in-car connectivity can help drivers everywhere.

In my next post, I’ll detail three growth areas for the connected car. In the meantime, what are your thoughts about the connected car? Tweet them to me @theaashishdalal or leave a comment.

Lessons Learned Transitioning From Entrepreneur to CEO – Part III



This is the third post in a series about making the leap from entrepreneur to CEO. The full piece originally appeared on Inc.

When you build your own business, eventually you learn that you can’t control every single piece of it. If you want your company to thrive, you have to learn to let go. In the last post of this series, I talked about how to know when to hire and start paying yourself, as well as the importance of working with smaller players at the advent of growth. Here are two more important lessons I’ve learned transitioning to ParkWhiz CEO:

  • When to focus on long-term planning. There came a point when I needed to delegate day-to-day tasks in order to focus on scaling the business. As CEO, I needed to step back, develop the strategic roadmap for the company and identify new opportunities that would enable the business to grow toward its goals. This is a pivotal mind shift for any entrepreneur. In 2007, the company was a hardware-sensor-based one, and I was trying to pivot it into the business that it is today. After investing endless hours and years into the business, I got caught up in the tactical day-to-day grind. When I finally looked up, I realized the vision I set out to achieve was unlikely to be realized, and I knew we had to make a difficult choice to push on or pivot. While my heart was in the former business, my brain told me we needed to shift hard to the model we are today. That was a difficult moment for me to reconcile, but knew it had to be done.
  • Look for support outside your company, through your family. This was the most important lesson for me. I was fortunate enough to have a supportive wife who allowed me to follow my dream – it also helped that she was a lawyer and CPA and could offer pro-bono guidance. Young entrepreneurs should have serious conversations with their families about what their commitment will be. Even if their spouse, parents, siblings or friends don’t formally have a position at your company, their support could mean the difference between building a thriving business – or letting a dream fall by the wayside.

Jumping to CEO has been one of the most rewarding experiences, allowing me to push business further than I could ever imagine. However, just remember to let go – it may be difficult at first, but it helps reveal the full potential that any company has in its industry.

Lessons Learned Transitioning From Entrepreneur to CEO – Part II

Photo courtesy of Rosenfeld Media via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Rosenfeld Media via Flickr

This is the second post in a series about making the leap from entrepreneur to CEO. Read part one here. The full piece originally appeared on Inc.

In my first post, I talked about how letting go was one of the most difficult things to do as I transitioned from a startup founder with my hands on every piece of the business to CEO of a growing company. Here are two additional lessons I’ve learned:

  • When to pay yourself and bring on staff. I waited four-and-a-half years to give myself a salary. During that time, I worked long hours from home building the company, doing everything from administrative work, sales, marketing and more. In addition to figuring out when it was appropriate to pay myself, I was hesitant about bringing on staff, knowing no matter how exceptional a candidate was, they would never have the same stake in the business as I did. But hiring new talent was imperative, and the natural next step in the company. To that end, entrepreneurs must learn to set expectations with their first employees and be realistic with what they can offer in the early years of the business.
  • Don’t ignore the little guys. After launching the company, I started working with smaller parking operators, educating them on the product and explaining how it would make operators money. Once this sector of the market understood the product and saw the benefits, I felt comfortable approaching the mid-sized and larger players. This approach can help build the successful foundation of any venture and gives the necessary “wins” to tackle those higher-level goals.

Stay tuned for the final post in the series, where I reveal two additional insights gained as I’ve grown ParkWhiz.

Lessons Learned Transitioning From Entrepreneur to CEO


This is the first post in a series about making the leap from entrepreneur to CEO. The full piece originally appeared on Inc.

My biggest challenge was letting go.

When I launched ParkWhiz in 2006, I was used to completing tasks on my own and doing things a certain way, from reporting financials to servicing accounts. As the business began to scale and we brought on employees, I quickly realized I had to let go of the notion that everything would be done exactly the way I wanted it, every time. Not only was that inefficient, but it was demoralizing to employees if I couldn’t trust and empower them to find their way.

So I made a vow to let go of the tasks I once owned and began mastering delegation while maintaining the high standards I had set. And, yes, I even slept better at night knowing the burden was no longer fully mine to own and execute.

Transitioning from entrepreneur to CEO is a difficult shift. After all, conceiving a company is in an entrepreneur’s blood, and not all feel comfortable leaving behind the excitement of launching a company of their own to take on a role that involves more red tape and general process. While many technology startup founders can grow bored after their business goes from dream to reality, I stayed on and continued leading as CEO, but if an entrepreneur can’t let go, the business won’t grow.

Aside from letting go, there were four key lessons I learned on the path from entrepreneur to CEO. Stay tuned for two following blog posts discussing this critical insight for aspiring CEOs. In the meantime, what are difficult lessons you’ve learned during your career? Tweet them to me @theaashishdalal or leave a comment below.

‘Tis the Season of the Ice Skates! Get out to Bryant Park!

Photo courtesy of Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr

Now that the temperature is dropping, it is time to get your heavy fall clothes out of the closet. While in the back of the closet, make sure to grab your skates because it’s time to go ice skating!

If you hate long lines then I would recommend going before mid November, and booking Bryant Park parking in advance. Early November has the best weather for ice skating. Not too cold, but also cold enough for a light jacket and to enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa after ice skating.

I am a big fan of Winter Village at Bryant Park. The skating rink is perfectly located in Midtown Manhattan with access to a lot of restaurants and parking, just use the ParkWhiz app to find cheap parking. The area also has a natural upbeat rhythm since it is so close to 5th Avenue and Time Square. So you can easily make a day out of it and go shopping, eating, or just exploring before or after your visit to Winter Village.

Starting October 30thWinter Village will be open from 8am-10pm. General admissions is free if you own your own skates. Don’t worry if you don’t own skates, you can easily rent skates for $15 before November 20th and $19 afterwards. There are several garages in the area that will make parking easy. There are also free lockers for your personal items. Just make sure to bring a lock or you’ll have to pay $9 for one.

Our Favorite Apps for Commuters (Besides ParkWhiz!)

Photo courtesy of Travis Isaacs

Photo courtesy of Travis Isaacs

Unless you are fortunate enough to work from home, the sad fact is that you will be spending a large portion amount of time commuting to and from your job. Thanks to the help of your smartphone and some fantastic new apps, wasted time on the drive can be kept to a bare minimum.

Here’s a list of our favorite apps for commuters:

Automatic: Now You Can Carry Your Mechanic with You

Automatic’s matchbook sized device ($100) plugs into your car’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) port. It stays neatly out of sight, using Bluetooth to send information to your iOS or Android cell phone.

Here is a sample of the wide variety of apps for commuters that work with Automatic:

  1. License+ keeps track of inexperienced drivers when you’re not around, logging sharp turns, rapid acceleration or deceleration and other risky behavior. This information is available on their web-based dashboard.
  2. Are you tired of schlepping your friends around without compensation? When you are done driving around, UnMooch fairly calculates how much money they should reimburse you.
  3. YourMechanic runs diagnostic checks on your car, letting you know what your vehicle needs before it is serious enough to cause an expensive, inconvenient breakdown.

Waze: Connecting Drivers around The World For Common Good

Waze teams up with Google and members around the world to provide real time updates about road conditions. Millions of users send reports in exchange for points that can be redeemed for adorable avatars to represent achievements. They even send information about fuel prices, so you can save on gas!

Moovit: Community Powered Mass Transit Updates

Moovit is similar to Waze, using crowdsourced information to keep track of delays and other problems on public transportation. This iOS and Android app offers users public transportation schedules and maps with live reported delays and service alerts. If you use Android Wear, you can even have the information sent directly to your watch!

Bike Maps: Simplify Your Bicycle Commutes

Riding your bike to work saves money and is great for your health, but the logistics can make it impractical. Bike Maps for iOS gives high resolution maps of major metro areas and rural bike paths and will even provide additional maps upon request. Not only are there pictures of the terrain, but you are able to use this app to find rest stops and other services. Bike Maps does not require the Internet to work, making it a practical choice for areas with poor cellphone reception.

ParkWhiz: Making Parking in the City as Simple as Your Driveway

We would be remiss discussing our favorite commuter apps and not mentioning ParkWhiz! Driving in major cities can be stressful and trying to find a spot to park that is safe, legal and available can seem like an exercise in futility.

ParkWhiz eliminates the uncertainty of trying to find a place to leave your car. Reserve your parking place with your smartphone, then show the parking lot attendant the ParkWhiz pass, and you’re good to go. Parking should always be this simple!

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that today’s smartphones aren’t just a camera with social apps and games piggybacking on top of a telephone. Modern phones have serious computing power. You can avoid a lot of the stress and wasted time if you take advantage of these apps for commuters, giving you more time for the things that are important to you!

The Big Apple Does Apple Cider

cider week

It is finally that time of year, where the Big Apple (NYC) gets to enjoy big time apple cider. Apple cider and hard apple cider are in right now, which is great news for cider fans Now, if you’re like me then you most likely started craving cider in October and bought a pint from your local grocery store. Don’t get me wrong there some great prepackaged offerings out there, but there is nothing like fresh apple cider and that warm smell of apples.

As with most great beverages, not all are created equal, so this is the time to decide the champion. From November 6-15 New York City will host its annual Cider Week. Cider week will include a host of events in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn with some of the best cider makers and local food in the world! Whether you like it hot and apples only, or cold and boozy there is an event for you. Most local restaurants team up with cider creators to enhance the experience for critics. Some of our favorites are the Gramercy Tavern’s event on Friday Nov 13, and the closing event on the 15th at The Drink in Brooklyn. Can you imagine apple pie with warm cider? How you like them apples?

Even if you’re aren’t a fan of pie there are will be other restaurants there with samples to enhance your cider experience so get there early and use the ParkWhiz app to find easy parking before all of the free samples run out! Most makers will also have additional cider available for purchase so make sure to note your favorite and tell us about it!

Save Money on the New York Comedy Fest

NYC comedy festival

It is the time of year to laugh your pants or jacket off. The New York Comedy Festival officially kicks off November 10th.. The six-day festival features some of comedy’s top entertainers such as Trevor Noah, Margaret Cho, Sarah Silverman and more. The venues for the festival include Carnegie Hall and the Gramercy Theater, as well as 20 others. You can save on the New York Comedy Festival by planning your experience in advance, and pre-booking parking.

The festival is perfect for all types of humor, just look at the line up and you’ll find someone that caters to your humor type. If you’re looking for someone that pushes the line and sometimes take the joke to the awkward point then, I would definitely recommend Sarah Silverman. Or, if you’re looking for comedy with a bit of a truth bomb then definitely check out the Daily Show’s host Trevor Noah.

You can find the schedule here. If you’re like me then you most likely found 3-6 shows that you can easily drag your friends to. Now normally I would give you guys tips to narrow down your list to save money but the comedy festival offers fan passes that can be purchased for 5 or 10 shows. You can also save on the Comedy Festival by booking parking in advance. So go ahead and splurge and take out your mom, dad, best friends, date, and roommate. FYI you probably shouldn’t take your parents to any risqué shows.

ParkWhiz’s Seamless Parking Experience now Extends into the Connected Car


For many people, parking is a day-to-day need that frequently results in more friction than drivers are ready to sign up for. Where do I park? Which parking garage offers to best rate? How do I get in and out quickly? Payments – does this place have a pay booth at the exit or do I need to find the ticket machine before getting into my car? These questions add uncertainty and discomfort to our daily parking needs.

ParkWhiz aims to minimize the friction in the parking transaction. The parking experience seamlessly integrates with people’s lives – whether a user needs to run an errand, book an event ticket, or attend a business meeting. Convenience and productivity are the key goals and a competitive parking rate sweetens the deal on top.

At SAP TechEd Las Vegas, SAP recently announced to availability of the SAP Vehicles Network, a new cloud offering that allows enterprises to offer convenient end-to-end vehicle and mobility-centric services – independent of vehicles and devices. Driver across the country can now access parking, among a set of other diverse services, directly from the car via mobile wallet or through an app.

By partnering with SAP and integrating into the SAP Vehicles Network, ParkWhiz now makes the parking experience seamless for drivers. Key ParkWhiz functionality such as predictive parking selection and workflow integration with third party service providers are now available from the vehicle. What’s more convenient than a parking reservation that is a one-click transaction away? With the car as the mobile platform, few drivers will ever leave it up to chance again where they may end up parking.

“We welcome SAP’s initiative to create the SAP Vehicles Network built on SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform and enabling connectivity and transaction capabilities between end users and service providers such as ParkWhiz,” says Aashish Dalal, ParkWhiz’ CEO and Co-Founder. “We strongly believe our association with the SAP Vehicle Network will contribute to realizing ParkWhiz’ vision of creating a seamless and frictionless delightful customer experience – regardless of device, technology or location.”

About ParkWhiz

Headquartered in Chicago, ParkWhiz is the e-parking industry leader. The company’s mobile apps and website provide a fast and efficient way for drivers to find and book guaranteed parking spaces before reaching their destination at thousands of parking locations across the country, from New York City to Chicago to San Francisco. ParkWhiz is an official partner of StubHub and TicketsNow. The company also partners with professional and collegiate sports organizations, including the Indianapolis Colts and NCAA teams, Auburn University and entertainment venues across the country. For more information, visit

Scary Movies Fest NYC


There are two kinds of scary movies that typically define the genre: Cheesy scary movies where the victim trips on a non-existent rock and dies or well structured horror movies that build on the villain and make your heart race a mile a minute. If you enjoy latter then I would recommend checking out the Scary Movies Festival. The scary movies festival is a well-curated collection of some of the most horrifying films ever made.

The Scary Movies Festival is from October 30th – November 5th at the Film Society Lincoln Center. The Festival features top quality horror films from around the world. This year the festival includes 12 of the best new titles including the highly anticipated The Devils Candy by Sean Byrne.

A film schedule and synopsis of each film can be found on the website, here. There is also information about purchasing general admission tickets $14, 3+ film package, and an all access pass.

So pick your movie, find parking using the ParkWhiz app to find parking at Lincoln Center, get enough popcorn, and make sure you’re comfortable to watch some of the scariest movies from around the world!

Let us know what movie you’re going to see!

JFK Parking Nightmare

It’s 7 a.m. on a weekday and the traffic is completely backed up in route to JFK Airport. The construction at LaGuardia Airport is set to begin in 2016, which will create an even larger traffic jam at JFK International. The parking situation surrounding NYC airports creates a daily disruption in residents’ lives. So, how can one avoid parking nightmares around NYC airports?

Book Parking Ahead of Time

With, any traveler can easily select available parking near La Guardia Airport or JFK Airport. Many different price and location options are provided for the selected destination. A traveler can select the amount of time needed for parking and the corresponding price. With a computer or mobile app – parking can be taken care of before even leaving the house, or even on the way to the airport!

Book Nearby Parking

If you’re cutting it close on time, choose a parking location with Parkwhiz that is closest to the airport. Cut down on the shuttle transfer time it takes to get from the parking spot to the airport. When searching for parking on Parkwhiz, one can sort the available options by distance from the airport, or scroll in on the map to pinpoint specific locations.

Avoid the Traffic Nightmare

Avoid traffic nightmares as well as parking nightmares by choosing a location a bit further from the airport. Let Parkwhiz help you by choosing a location far from the bustle of airport traffic, and let somebody else drive. Ride the shuttle to the airport and let someone help you with your bags. Don’t worry about finding a friend to drop you off at the airport and only be backed up in the waiting lines in the departures area. Let Parkwhiz help!

Take Advantage of Amenities

Parking shouldn’t be a complete headache. With Parkwhiz, a traveler can narrow their search by selecting specific amenities unique to the parking location. Is having the car covered during the winter months a priority? Select a parking location that is indoor or covered. Does the traveler need handicapped access? Make sure the parking location is equipped with the proper accessibility. Is a valet driver preferred to eliminate walking with luggage or losing precious time? Choose parking with valet options available.

Save Time Without Printing

There’s no need to print out a giant document or show a paper parking pass. With Parkwhiz, one can easily pull up the virtual parking pass via the app on their smartphone. Download the latest edition in iTunes or on Google Play. Choose a location that accepts mobile passes under the Amenities tab. Quickly pull into a parking spot and get going to the next destination without the hassle of paper reservations.

Other Options for Employees

“With more than 37,000 employees and countless visitors, JFK Airport is as much a neighboring community as it is a transit hub,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Howard Beach). With so many employees and only a few airlines offering on-site employee parking, day-to-day parking can be a nightmare. offers another option for these thousands of employees traveling to the airport everyday.

Whether it’s saving time that is top priority or finding a parking location with a roof to protect your precious vehicle, Parkwhiz is the solution to a huge problem. Parking is a nightmare surrounding New York City airports such as JFK International Airport. Traffic to and from the airport is a constant headache as well. With the newest online service and mobile app from Parkwhiz, parking nightmares can be avoided and precious time can be saved. Try Parkwhiz today to find JFK Airport Parking!

LaGuardia Airport Construction and Its Effect on Parking


Anyone who has ever rushed to LaGuardia to catch a flight knows about parking lot roulette. Nothing can be more frustrating than missing a flight simply because you can’t find a parking space – especially after fighting all the traffic to get to the airport in the first place!

A Problem Only Getting Worse

With increasing demand at all New York airports, the record number of passengers means the availability of parking space simply can’t do the job. More than 117 million passengers flew through the metro New York airports in 2014, an increase of more than 3 percent over 2013. The projections for 2015 and beyond tell a similar story and there are virtually no additional parking areas available to absorb this increase.

Ironically, this continuing increase in traffic is resulting in calls for spending billions of dollars to upgrade the airports. This is especially the case at LaGuardia, where massive reconstruction plans are expected to be approved and work commence as early 2016. While these efforts may produce some new parking areas, they are years in the future. Also, analysts say the additional spaces won’t begin to accommodate the increased demand for traveler parking needs.

While JFK was constructed with some understanding of modern transportation needs and some significant parking facilities, LaGuardia was shoehorned into a small space in 1939. Originally named the Glenn H. Curtiss Airport, it was a private flying field. No one at the time could possibly have conceived of the incredible amount of air traffic that would eventually fly through this area.

In fact, the three primary airports in metro New York, including LaGuardia, JFK and Newark, make up the largest air hub in the United States, and accommodate the greatest number of flights in the world. Today, the amount of constant traffic makes the entire area around the LaGuardia complex an intimidating and dangerous traffic nightmare.

A Digital Solution for a Digital Age

The reality is that, as is so often the case in the free enterprise system, a seemingly insurmountable challenge produces an innovative and efficient solution. In this case, the solution encompasses not only the LaGuardia fiasco, but parking dilemmas throughout the metro area.

Parkwhiz is more than an app, it’s a lifesaver, a headache remedy and often the absolute hero of the day. Instead of arriving at a destination and playing parking lot roulette while the clock ticks away, Parkwhiz puts the odds back in favor of the driver.

No matter the destination, the Parkwhiz app can provide a guaranteed parking spot when and where one is needed. This amazing timesaver not only lets users plan their trips more efficiently, it takes the guesswork out of whether or not a space will even be available.

The free app is designed to be the definition of simplicity. Any user just tells the app where they are headed. Parkwhiz then instantly assesses all the parking options and indicates which are the closest available spots and the rates they command at the specified time and date.

Once selected, all the uncertainty is eliminated with one click by choosing the spot and getting a guaranteed spot. Incredibly, the user retains the option to cancel the reservation right up to the time it is scheduled, allowing maximum flexibility and convenience.

Parkwhiz is the full package, offering:

  • Free, quick and easy installation
  • Intuitive interface that includes maps and detailed directions
  • Exclusive parking rates only available to mobile users
  • Ideal locations for parking within walking distance to destinations
  • A parking pass on the phone that allows quick and easy access to the parking space
  • Full, one-touch customer service capabilities

Parkwhiz is the answer to parking nightmares and every driver will never do without it, once they give it a go. Try Parkwhiz today to find LaGuardia Airport Parking!

New York Food Film Fest


Logo courtesy of Food Film Fest

Ever sit back and watch a movie and think, “Hmmm I wonder how that steak tastes?” I have done it so many times that I sometimes ignore the storyline and begin focusing on the character eating thinking to myself “Is he going to take another bite of that expensive shrimp?” And I absolutely hate it when actors take one bite out of their meal and then run out in a rush. Seriously, who leaves pancakes on the counter like that?

Now if you are having flashbacks to that one movie or is getting worked up about forgotten meals then you must check out New York’s annual Food Film Festival taking place October 22nd-25th. The Food Film Festival takes the movie experience into a new level. At the festival guests get to watch food films and eat the foods and beverages in the films!

Here’s how it works, before each viewing guests will get access to all of the foods that will be featured in the movie. Then while viewing the film guests can eat along with actors without ever wondering about the steak and wine combination.

The Food Film festival got the dinner and movie arranged for you so make sure you get there early or at least on time. As always plan your trip ahead of time and make sure to use the ParkWhiz mobile app to find easy parking because trust me you don’t want to be that late person trying to get through the aisle with a tray of food.

Best Haunted Houses in NYC


Photo via Daveiam

On any given day there are at least 50 different things to do in New York City but when it comes to October New York City tends to go on overdrive. Expect thousand of events every single day and of course epic parties on Halloween. But before October 31st make sure to enjoy some of the spooky offerings of New York, starting with its haunted houses. Finding street parking long enough to enjoy a haunted house can be hard, so book your parking in advance with ParkWhiz so you can get scared in peace.

I am a huge fan of the gore and the headless zombies chasing you the chainsaw or a machete so here is my list of the must go to haunted houses in NYC throughout October.

  1. Blood Manor is arguably the best-haunted house in New York City. Groups of 6 enter a 5,000 square foot mansion and begin to explore. Each room has its own theme and you never know what will jump out at you or better yet tap you on your shoulder! This is the go-to haunted house so make sure to purchase your tickets online ahead of time and use the Parkwhiz app to find easy cheap parking.
  2. The BlackOut Experience is a one of a kind experience. The experience does offer group entry but make sure you plan properly because on Sundays visitors must enter the attraction alone with a flashlight. Expect a lot of random taps and touches with this attraction. Visitors must be 18 or older and sign a waiver before entering. Don’t fret though; they do give a safe word for when things get too scary. The NYC dates are not listed yet but keep checking the website and company’s Facebook page. I expect an opening around the 21st of October.
  3. NYC Nightmare Horror usually offers a theatrical haunted house but this year the makers are shifting their focus to a series of terror filled plays. Expect a new level of horror and closeness with the plays and unlike traditional haunted houses you can’t run away!
  4. Time Scare is perfect for large groups with different scare meters. This year-round-haunted attraction offers a lot of themes within one floor. Be prepared to experience all of your fears and whatever you do don’t run! No really don’t run, that is one of the rules of the haunted house. Enjoy!

What is your favorite haunted house?

Bank of America Marathon Parking Sponsor

bank of america blog

ParkWhiz is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Bank of America Marathon!

We’re coming together with BOA to help make getting to the marathon as easy as possible, so runners can focus on running. If you’re running in the marathon, or going downtown to cheer someone on, book your parking in advance and save yourself stress, time and money!

Booking parking in advance is especially useful if you’re coming in from out of town for the marathon. Parking with ParkWhiz allows you to avoid high hotel fees, and parking markups that will happen during the actual weekend. If you’re coming from out of town, also make sure to check on street closures and consider booking for the whole weekend and taking public transit.

Parking Scholarship Winners

ParkWhiz is proud to announce the winners of our 2015 Scholarship Contest! The candidates are all current students who applied to the contest online, and were chosen by voters. The Grand Prize Winner, Jaime, is receiving a year of free parking, while runners-up receive one free month.

Meet The Winners!

Full Scholarship Winner


School: Columbia College Chicago
Graduating: May of 2016
Studying: Marketing Communication
Fun Fact: “I am a huge packers fan despite living in Illinois my entire life!”


School: Columbia College Chicago
Graduating: May 2016
Studying: Marketing major with an emphasis in Public Relations
Favorite quote: “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”-Margaret Mead

School: Columbia College Chicago
Graduating: May 2016
Studying: Marketing & Communications, concentrating in PR/Advertising
Fun Fact: “I’ve actually never met another person with my first name.”


School: Tribeca Flashpoint College
Graduating: February 26, 2016
Studying: Animation and visual effects


We know that school can be hard, which is why we’re proud to offer this scholarship! Thank you to all our winners, as well as other entrants, and anyone who voted for them in the contest.


New York Fall Shopping Guide


I’ve lived in the east coast for the last 3 years and in that time I’ve learned a lot about building a wardrobe on a tight budget. Now that fall is around the corner, I thought it would only be right to share some of my tips about shopping in New York City.

Most inexperienced shoppers automatically think of 5th Avenue. Now don’t get me wrong, 5th Avenue is the place for accessories such as belts, purses, and shoes but it is not the best place if you’re on a budget.

Typically, I start in the Lower East Side and get all of my foundation pieces like jeans, blouses, and jackets. I am a big fan of small boutiques like Miks and Ace of Hearts. If you like bigger stores then just turn on a block or two and you’ll find yourself at least 3 other stores with what you’re looking for. The best part of it all is the short lines in the Lower East Side!

After getting my foundation pieces, I drive up to Time Square and use my ParkWhiz app to find easy parking. As I’ve mentioned before Time Square and 5th Avenue are perfect for accessories and shoes! If you’re a lover of the high-end brands then make your way to 5th Avenue. If you’re on a budget then I’ll recommend staying in Time Square and finding your accessories and shoes at Aldo and Fossil.

I like to finish my fall shopping with dinner in the Upper East Side at Candle 79. Just use the ParkWhiz app to find parking and end your day with the best vegan food in New York City.

We’re working on building a guide to NYC, what would you add to the shopping list?

2015 Global Citizen Festival Guide

global citizen

The Global Citizen Festival is one of the biggest festivals to happen in Central Park. The free event aims to teach citizens about world problems and spark action and change. This year the festival features Pearl Jam, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, and Coldplay!

If you’re one of the lucky few that did the work got tickets to this festival then do your happy dance and make sure you’re prepared for the day. Below are some of my tips to making the most out of any festival!

  1. Comfort, comfort, comfort! This is an outdoor event with an expected temperature of 75O This is New York City so be prepared for the temperature to spike to the 80s. So dress comfortably (shoes ladies!) and enjoy the many attractions
  2. Book parking in advance– Do yourself a favor and download the ParkWhiz app to find easy and cheap parking. Remember the festival never releases the order of performers so get your parking place ahead of time!
  3. Packing your purse/bag. Carefully read your ticket to understand what is allowed and prohibited from the event. You don’t want to keep running back to your car to drop off items and possibly miss your favorite performer.
  4. Bring cash. There will be 100s of vendors at the event and most tend to not accept credit cards for purchases under $10 so save yourself the headache and bring some cash.
  5. Enjoy yourself! You won tickets to the hottest event of the summer so don’t sweat the little things. Learn about the current world problems and take action. Oh and of course dance and sing out!

If you have any other tips about the Global Citizen Festival please let us know!