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2500 Victory Ave, Dallas, TX 75219
Get a prepaid, guaranteed parking space near American Airlines Center and you won't have to worry about parking on game day. There are no extra fees when you park – the price you see is the price you pay.

The Dallas Mavericks, a long-time underachiever, recently showed the entire league what it could do when it won its first League Championship in 2011. With the team finally doing well, it is possible that finding Mavs parking spaces will become more difficult over time, so it is best to book American Airlines Center parking spots in advance. Due to both the sponsorship of the airline company and its similarity to a quonset hut, the arena has occasionally been referred to as “the Hangar.” With an enormous seating capacity of 19,200, the Hangar appellation is apt, especially as it is the third largest stadium by capacity in the NBA. In addition to hosting the Mavs, the venue’s also home to the Dallas Stars. Finding American Airlines Center parking spaces will be difficult on game-day, so it is best to book Mavs parking spaces in advance with ParkWhiz.

Winning isn’t everything, but a few titles and a championship don’t hurt. Despite a single league championship, the Dallas Mavericks have the fifth-highest valuation in the NBA. The Mavs started out in 1980 in the old Reunion Arena. The team started off slowly until it won the Midwest Division in 1986-’87, racking up 55 wins for the regular season. In the next season, they got as far as the Finals before things went sour for a few years with injuries and suspensions. The Mavs turned the corner at the turn of the century, keeping up a positive win/loss ratio and positioning themselves as a great offensive team. The Mavericks finally got their first conference title in 2006. In 2010-’11, they mirrored that feat and proceeded to win their first league title, beating the Miami Heat in six games. Finding Dallas Mavericks parking can be difficult, so booking Dallas basketball parking spots in advance with ParkWhiz is the best solution.

ParkWhiz is easy; all you need to do is find the game that you want to see, book your Dallas Mavs basketball parking spot and print out your ParkWhiz parking pass. Once that’s done, you can relax and enjoy the game, rather than trying to find parking at the American Airlines Center.

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